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"Fury"....and friends (pic heavy)


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General Apathy




Hi Ian, on the left of the tank are the Copeman brothers, and that's Gordon the nephew sat in front of the tank. They supplied their tank and a number of the vehicles in the film, including the Dragon-Wagon transporter that can be seen in several of the scenes, they obviously had parts driving the vehicles they supplied.


They have told me that the film raised the value of tanks if anyone was in the market to sell theirs, however if your not selling, it has dramatically raised the annual insurance premium, especially for taking it to shows.





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Ian, thanks for posting these photos! I always enjoy your tank and tanker posts. I hope that my wife and I will get across the pond to visit Bovington someday.



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Excellent photos of those ration boxes and ordnance crates!


Oh, and those tanks carrying the boxes look pretty good too.




My best to the gang!


Rob L.

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The M4A2E8 which became "Fury" a few years after this photo was taken. It's being used here as a prop by a reenactment group during a Tankfest event at the Tank Museum. The camo net conveniently covers its British Army serial number and name-plate.


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