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  2. Good morning all. Could you please help me identify this aeronautical part? What type of aircraft was it installed on? Thanks for your help. Laurent
  3. So I thought I bought a 30th Division dog tag until I realized the 18th infantry regiment isnt the 30th division and probably is an error in the newspaper. Turned out the guy is a 1st ID, 18th Regiment, Company A guy. He came from Arkansas and had a twinbrother. He landed on DDAY H-Hour +210 minutes at the easy red sector and later on was awarded a bronze star for heroic actions on 15 June, 1944. He was KIA later on during the battle of Marigny on 27 July, 1944 which was part of 'Operation Cobra'. It is possible he participated in other battles before DDAY ( North Africa, Italy ) but for now t
  4. Christmas came early for someone. Ken
  5. Hi, Saw a auction of a 3rd Armored Div. patch with 120mm Gun tab. Can someone of you tell me what unit this was ? Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Can't wait to see what's in that pile
  7. Thats a beauty and classic Italian made.
  8. Thats a great picture Dennis. Thanks for posting. That GI is carrying a german pistol it appears. The gun cart is a work of GI ingenuity. Wonder if its german as well or built from german parts.The wheels and rims dont look US.
  9. I would say a copy. As I recall his first runs (early made) were unpainted. A few topics on the forum. This one shows some details of the handles,heads and covers.
  10. One of my best friends needed to clean out his place in order to sell it. He hasn't lived there for several years, but the bulk of his militaria collection has been there. In exchange for helping move stuff out and clean up, he has given me the bulk of it. He's in his 80's and started collecting stuff during the War that relatives brought home. Lots of Air Corps stuff, leather jackets and bomber crew clothing as well as field gear. This is gonna take me a long time to get sorted out.
  11. I've been on this forum since 2009, but I appreciate you offering your perspective. I couldn't agree more that it all has to do with tone. And I'll continue to say thank you to each of the members that have taken the time to help me delve into a new part of militaria collecting.
  12. Thank you for letting me know. I’ll check them out. (: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve been watching this from the sidelines, as I honestly get weary of these topics - just had a very similar one on a helmet thread. “m1a2u2”, please try looking at it from a perspective other than your own. As others have intimated, there are oodles of Vietnam uniform threads for reference, which would have answered your questions thoroughly. As it seems you want to cast a broad net on the hobby being “unwelcoming”, I would say that it takes two to tango. When new members show up here, and show respect and some effort, they are welcomed with open arms. And FYI,
  14. Greetings, I was able to pick up these two items this weekend. Another Feb 59 Mitchell cover and another December 59 Mitchell cover with a helmet. These covers are at least still somewhat affordable.
  15. I finally was able to land a Fort Mills PI belt buckle. These late 30's / early 40's rarities seem to be some of the most detailed of the Philippines belt buckles out there. This one is very similar to Bill's Fort Mills buckle that started this thread. Truly a highlight of my small collection. How many are out there I have no clue but this is the sixth one I've to date.
  16. Gil- Those were some of the ones I was looking for but couldn't find my set.
  17. Thanks. This was not purchased. The others were returned with no issues.
  18. Just to tie this in with other threads, the recently sewn patches have barely left an impression into the shirt. Notice how the two original patches have left a footprint from having been pressed into the fabric.
  19. As noted, too good to be true. Looks like a display item from a surplus store that wants to sell patches. I don't know where you are finding these items, but I would stop doing business with them. They are trying to steal your money.
  20. Many thanks for taking the time to write out your analysis. This is very helpful and enlightening.
  21. Hanoi movie studio wardrobe... circa 1995.
  22. All of these patches have been recently added, especially that SP/4 rank which looks like it has never been sewn before. As far as the subdued 101st, as well researched as ASMIC is, it does have some occasional errors, especially when relying on third party information.
  23. The large white number is probably from basic training.
  24. m1a2u2: I am sorry I am late to the conversation. As you have noted, this uniform shows the classic signs of tampering. What I've picked up so far from members like spike and others who have pointed out details to look for: -appear to be some ghost stitch lines showing where previous patches were removed. -puckering is insufficient on some of the patches (I think?) -threads are all the same color. The Airborne tab is a good example. There was one there before, but it has been replaced. It looks like there may have been
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