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  2. Scottz63

    WW1 mess kit spoon markings?

    Really nice stuff posted here. Thanks everybody! Keep it coming. That dog tag/utensil anvil is very cool!
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  4. SKIPH

    K.I. M4 Bayonet

    dmar836- Thx for posting the ad. Totally agree with you Marv. Collectors really need to stay on their game these days. The fakers are running rampant. SKIP
  5. Tltt

    Hackman CIA butterfly knife

    Bottom one is the older logo. The two top ones are more recent. They were available in Finland long after they stopped importing them directly into the US, sometimes dealers would sneak batches of them into the States after the various import bans too. Later, a company called Pertemet of Sorsakoski took over the design, and sold their version which is almost exactly the same till just a few years ago. Edit - Fiskars also had a version made for them the between Hackman and Pertemet also.
  6. Two 10th Division Trainees to commemorate, both died in Korea. Sgt James R. Clark, Jasper Iowa, E Company 35th Infantry 25th Infantry Division, POW North Korea November 28 1950, died in POW Camp in Manchuria April 19 1951. Pvt Harold H. Cline, Brooklyn Iowa, H Company 180th Infantry 45th Infantry Division KIA June 12 1952.
  7. 2nd on what Kurt said. You need that metal Helmet Ventilator on the top to attach the plume or spike. It also looks like someone added a makeshift chinstrap on the inside of the helmet vs the original outside setup. You have two side buttons, cavalry type. The strap that wraps around the top of the brim looks to be cut and missing the back portion. You will have to make a new one as you wont find a replacement. If you decide to match the buttons you have, you will need a Cavalry enlisted plate, plume base, plume holder, yellow enlisted plume, plume pin, proper chinstrap, and a yellow helmet cord. The most difficult to find (and will be the most expensive) will be the helmet cord. Most are missing or have repro chinstraps as they are hard to find. Maybe a little less than $200 for everything but the cord and the chinstrap If you want some research material, check out "A Guide Book to U.S. Army Dress Helmets 1872-1904" by Kasal and Moore More of a guidebook to these helmets or "BRASS SPIKES AND HORSETAIL PLUMES" by Chappell More to do with the history and regulations of the helmets
  8. also now that ive got the top dohickey off i can see the outline of where the base plate for the spike/plume was.
  9. i did forget to mention it does look like its had a plate on the front as there are small holes. from the positioning it doesn look like it was a regular eagle badge, but im not all that familiar with where their mounting brackets were located.
  10. it looks like the brass fittings for the top have been removed and the dohickey button added later. its just loosely stitched on top and should come off easily. the chinstrap mounted inside coming through the sweatband also looks like it was added later. . already moved that to the exterior. is it original to the helmet or for something else. its clearly has some age to it like the helmet, but it looks more like the chinstrap from a visored hat than anything ive seen pictured with similar helmets.
  11. thanks! i thought it might be an 1881 but i wasnt sure how to tell the difference. i figured it was a modified from bannerman because of the modifications. so is chinstrap original or was that added? i couldnt find a date or manufacturer under the sweatband, just the QM marking i took a pic of. already been looking around for parts, just not sure what all i needed. ill probably try to make it ohio national guard as thats one of the things i specialize in. it makes sense that the dohickeys equestrian as it was advertised as a womans riding helmet. i just wanted to make sure it wasnt some variant i hadnt come across before i removed it lol. thanks again for the info!
  12. patches

    Vintage Humbrol Paint Tins 1950s-1980s

    Cool And a 1967 to 1989 list by model group of colors, you know like Fleet Air Arm. French Air Force, Combat Uniforms, Luftwaffe etc etc, Railroad Coach/Locomotive/Freight Cars etc etc. https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/authentics.htm
  13. I am not pointing/calling you out BUD. I am not bullying you so slow your roll. My comments are directed to people who keep bringing him up on this forum. To answer your question; he wrote a series of books on airborne collecting. I am point out that everytime someone has a problem with something that is high value to they right to blaming him. If you want some more detailed answers you can contact the gentlemen who PMed me and had a grown up conversation about my comment instead of acting like a child like you. my point is all of his Militaria was sold off 1-2 years so stop blaming him and blame the current owner and the auction house “if the stuff is messed with”. The guy is not even around to defend himself and he is almost 90; let him fade away. Have a great Airborne Day!
  14. Came across this site that shows and describes the various look of these paint tins over the years mentioned, I remember them well, as it was a favorite when I started building in late 1973 on I can still smell them now LOL. https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/humbrol.htm
  15. Chris

    ID help

    Thanks tredhed...again!
  16. doyler

    Unusual Patton scabbard

    reminds me of the British 1908 Cav sword scabbards
  17. patches

    Swimming Pool Patches

    Interesting stuff, the Merrowed Edge dated 1958 is most unique, can we see a shot of its rear for reference?
  18. warguy

    1/35 scale M8 Greyhound, Armored Car

    Excellent work…..again. You are very good at making figures into something else. I still remember all your jeeps from different services. Amazing stuff, wish I had that kind of talent. Thanks for sharing.
  19. patches

    M65 with number ? Laundry ?

    That there you have is an M51 Field Jacket. You won't find the contract number because the tags have fallin away from hard use, use may in all probablity be after this entered the civilian world, and not by serviceman. The M-R stamp, never seen that before on a FJ, it may stand for Medium Regular, and maybe putt there by an old Army-Navy Store.
  20. A couple of DSS Agents told me the small "commemorative" pin shown here (as the 5th-to-last photo in my post of May 11th) is just an item from the Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association's (DSSAA) gift shop and online store (https://dssaa.org/store-back-end/ols/products). That small "badge" is not any form of official or commemorative DSS badge. It is a lapel pin. It is no longer identified as available online, but similar cufflinks that use a modified design of the original 1916/17 design as a DSS emblem are listed. The above 2 images are from a DSS Agent, showing the form of these cufflinks using elements of the original 1917 badge design. Some of the cufflinks are coated in a clear epoxy (as is the example above), others are not. In addition to the cufflinks, the online store offers an insulated tumbler emblazoned with a version of the original badge design (updated as a DSS badge), and a coin with a similar DSS badge logo (not currently available) based on the original Special Agents' badge design.
  21. doyler

    1/35 scale M8 Greyhound, Armored Car

    Another great build Dennis. Always liked the kit when I was a young builder just never had it. Great details and work.
  22. doyler

    1/35 scale M8 Greyhound, Armored Car

    maybe just "manly"...war was hard on everyone it seems
  23. mikie

    Army Mules in Service

    Cool thread. Neat topic! I thought I had a postcard with a 1916 ish Signal Corps wagon and mules. But I just dug it out and it has wagons but no mules. Mis remembering something? Me? And I'm not just horsing around about it.I Mikie
  24. I think the officer you are looking for is BG Robert Hall Safford (not Stafford), West Point Class of 1936. Here is is entry in the West Point Register of Graduates: 10592 Robert Hall Safford B-MA: FA: CO 310FABn 79Div T-AE 42-45 [SS-2BSM-PH-2CR]: DCS USFA 50-53: AWC 54: CS ArAlas 60-62: CG Hq1FAMslBde 62-63: ADC 2AD 63-65: CS 1CpsGp Kor 65-66 [LM]: CG ATC FtBliss 66-68 [DSM]: CG 52ADBde 69-70 [DSM]: Ret 70 BG: D - Silver Spring,MD 25Jan90 a-76 Please let me know if you need any of that translated into English! Dennis
  25. Given the ribbons he is wearing (including the Good Conduct Medal) and the fact that he has a Recruiter's badge with three stars, this 2LT must have been prior enlisted before being commissioned. Not sure where the photo is taken (there is no cannon like that on Ft Bragg), he may be wearing the SSI of the unit to which he is being assigned before reporting to that unit for duty. Per the 2021 version of DA Pam 670-1, "[o]nly the heritage green 564 garrison cap; heritage green service cap (optional); and black, tan, green, maroon, or brown berets are authorized for wear with this uniform." Para 20-4 b (3) reads: "Maroon beret. All personnel assigned to Airborne units whose primary missions are Airborne operations wear the maroon beret. The Airborne designation for a unit is found in the unit modification table of organization and equipment." If this lieutenant is en route to the 82nd Airborne, but not yet inprocessed, he would not be authorized to wear the maroon beret. Para 20-14 and 21-3 of DA Pam 670-1 make no mention of wearing the airborne/glider patch on the garrison cap. That item seems to have gone out of the inventory after the airborne and Ranger berets were authorized for wear.
  26. Interesting topic. I would imagine photos were made. I would also have to imagine they have been declassified by now. I also have to imagine they are in the National Archives in some way by now. Would a FOIA request find them? I seem to recall that a number of these executions were for rape, and the perpetrator was African American. Likely a bit of racism involved. But, I've been known to have an overactive imagination! Probably a dark side of US military history. BKW
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