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  2. Robert Tessier, Hollywood tough guy served in the Korean War with the 45ID, was a paratrooper earning a Silver Star and Purple Heart.
  3. ww2collector1944

    Help Needed - WW2 Pineapple Grenade

    Hey everyone, I purchased this from the vets grandson and wanted to reach out about its safety. I know this is a practice grenade and has had all of its internal contents removed. I have also noticed that the internal fuse has been clipped with wire cutters as well. My concern is the pin is still in the grenade and I am unable to unscrew the fuse from the grenade itself. It won’t budge. I wanted to double check that everything looked safe here.
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  5. This is a novelty badge that would have been sold at places such as Saigon Sam's. Likely still are, given its nature as a surplus hub.
  6. phantomfixer

    Post war M-1, 6 names

    Im hoping the experts will point me in the right direction....I do not see a heat stamp in the front, and there is too much going on by the bales to see anything... disregard that...the heat stamp is in the front, it begins with a M and ends with an A ...which from what I've read on the forum...makes it a McCord
  7. dcollector

    4th Mobile Strike Award Bolo

    If it were mine I'd find the fellow and ask him; he is still alive. It's not a difficult a task. I have done it before. (My V42 came with the owners discharge papers, my Randell had a soldier number on the blade, I had a K98 with a US service number stenciled on it. You then look for surviving relatives, in your case you're looking for a "minimal degree of separation" relation, whom you can then reach out to, FB, IG, Linkedin. Hopefully they will make an online introduction.) There are also SOG team researchers on the internet who have tracked many of the old warriors down. Bud Gibbs on IG and others - https://www.instagram.com/budgibs_/ There are a myriad other ways to do this. The value of your poor condition bolo, might change considerably. I took in a 1936 issued German J "Juden" marked passport, which at the urging of my daughters, I returned to the family. It was actually a cathartic experience. Good luck. It's a great looking piece.
  8. Big Iron

    Four WWII DSC groups

    Quite a cool discovery. Can you post a thread about it and the awardee? How did you come to get it in England?
  9. Salvage Sailor

    VT-15 | Torpedo Squadron 15

    Aloha Jim, Different squadrons. The VT designations in WWII were Torpedo Squadrons, later they were training squadrons (1960ish to present) Your VT-15 fits in here -->> VT HT ATG BTG Naval Aviation Training Squadron Patches Great photo of the jacket, we didn't have a training squadron VT-15 posted yet.
  10. knifeguy

    New to me

    These had been at an estate
  11. doyler

    Vietnam Cap with Navy Badge

    reminds me of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps ranks
  12. Here are some SER 678 Marine wings I Have. Billy
  13. sigsaye

    Different dyes?

    Also, remember that for Marines, these jackets, were organizational equipment, just like Navy Foul Weather (Deck) Jackets. They were issued out when needed and then turned in when not required. So, laundering would be much harsher as would wear.
  14. sigsaye

    Vietnam Cap with Navy Badge

    The cap badge itself is not USN issue/regulation. The eagles head is turned in the pre 1948 direction. I can not imagine why it would be on an Army cap other than a kid or somebody else put it there for a “Costume” the badge is very interesting though.
  15. bryang

    11th Airborne Division Patch

    I thank you! I've collected for decades, but never really acquired the knowledge/skill to discern quite the authenticity of a lot of items. For me its been mostly a matter of looking and touching, and "going with my gut." I find myself absolutely amazed at how many collectors can look at an item and know where/when it was made and who used it, etc. I rely heavily on those collectors with more knowledge than I. I've long loved collecting military items simply for the opportunity to hold something historic in my hands - and more so when I'm able to learn anything of the unit and/or circumstances about the item, and especially anything about the individual to which the item might be attached. Each item is a piece of history, which is damned cool. I saw this patch and imagined what this would have looked like on a Second World War Paratrooper's Ike jacket, with this cool cross-stitch all around the patch. I have a few uniforms with similar stitching, which looks extremely smart!
  16. tdogchristy90

    Emmett A. Smith - KIA Peleliu [UPDATED Jan 2023]

    Kurt, that answers my question then. Yes, I'm refering to the KIA USMC discharge document. If it did come later then it makes perfect sense that my mailer is for that document as it was shipped later, per you saying they came later than the PH document. So thank you, I learned something as far as how/when stuff was shipped to the family.
  17. Jtski

    Early Cold War USAF Ribbon Bars

    Additional info for Major Cavanaugh's first Silver Star for 11 Aug '67 - a total of five Air Force Crosses were awarded for the same sortie that day, including Colonel Robin Old's AFC.
  18. bertmedals

    Display stand idea

    Brilliant! Thanks.
  19. I’ve never seen another one, jmd62. On the other hand I’ve seen several “Plumber” badges issued by Health Departments. Here’s an example:
  20. P-59A

    Post war M-1, 6 names

    Hey Phantom, Is thataparish lid?
  21. Question for the group. Why the drawstring lining in the M1872 cap? It seems overly complicated if there’s not a good reason for it. I recently picked up one of the last run of repro caps ever produced by Quartermaster Shop before they closed. It will work well for my 1874/75 infantry impression. Thanks!
  22. James Hardman

    VT-15 | Torpedo Squadron 15

    Another for VT-15 ... the Sky Knights. Circa 61-62
  23. Sarchione

    1918 MK1 LF&C ID Discovered

    Thank you for sharing. Geoff does a great job!!!
  24. Very interesting Cobra 6, a Movie Operator badge?! Are these uncommon to find?
  25. Morning all ... just signed up to this forum and found your post. Uncle Greg's PT aircraft was shot down in early '62 off the coast of VA. Yeah - I know ... "OFF THE COAST OF VA???" Long story, but yep. The Navy returned this jacket (please see below), albeit WITHOUT the Sky Knights or (his) right arm patch. Our family has been trying for quite some time to find out anything about the right arm patch. Mustard in color, with some dark circle, is all we can see. Any ideas? Thanks in advance - Jim
  26. KurtA

    11th Airborne Division Patch

    That great stitching totally “makes” this patch. Without it, just a typical common 11th. With it, a really nice unique patch.
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