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  2. I Hate Moths

    July 28th Uniforms & more finds

    Wow! They all look great. Tom
  3. Phantomf4

    Blood chit type?

    I picked this up at a shop yesterday for $25, i took a chance, i know they repo these things, I think it may be real, it evidently came from an estate of a 530th squadron pilot. Don't these usually have serial numbers of some sort?
  4. joefriday22

    Navy Corpsman Hawley

    Thank you..I've had moderate luck with researching Army serial numbers but no luck find info on Navy guys. It's hard to believe that there are at least two O. L. Knight Jr's out there.. Crazy odds of that. Best, Rob
  5. Is this patch hard too find? Who wore it? Ground personnel? I can make out Oxygen on the right but is the left side Temperature?
  6. Good point. I enjoy upholstery and similar repairs. Nice work! Dave
  7. 29navy

    Navy Corpsman Hawley

    No, not really. FOLD3.com can do a search of the muster rolls but results are iffy (I've found). You can search the muster rolls by name through FOLD3 and Ancestry, but it only searches for ships rolls, not shore-based commands. As you can see from teh previous answers, the search result have come up with a similar name, but nothing else matches up.
  8. Thanks for your input. I have attached a photo of period "spiked grommet washers" I salvaged from the "US" marked/damaged shelter half. Since I saw no such washers of this particular type for sale, if available, they would likely have to come directly from the manufacturer(s) I mentioned (but one probably has to buy 500 to get them!). As for period, my guess is if a field repair was required, whatever expedient was on hand could be utilized. This might even entail stitching a salvaged patch with an intact washer, from a donor shelter half onto the recipient. Seems the shelter half which may have been in service the longest, was the Mitchell pattern (1953 to late 1970s?). If a grommet needed replacing on a 20+ year old shelter half, they (USMC) might have used whatever was in inventory to effect a repair....
  9. Persian Gulf Command

    WW1 MK. III

    Great to see this example of a Mk. III offensive grenade. WW1 or WW2 they are very difficult to find. I have yet to locate an original for my collection. Thank you for sharing with the Forum Community.
  10. Is it similar to the Joan/Eleanor radio system.. how does it compare or differ?
  11. joefriday22

    Navy Corpsman Hawley

    Much thanks for the positive comments sirs. Is there a site to search Navy serial numbers like there is for Army? Best, Rob
  12. GLCC74

    WW1 MK. III

    Here is another one of my WW1 Grenades, the US Offensive Mk III. This particular grenade was developed after the US entered the war, so production took some time to get going. Over 170,000 made it overseas before the war ended. Nearly 5 million were made, but with the end of the war, they were deemed obsolete and put into storage. However, with the 2nd World War on the war, these were taken out of storage and fitted with the M6 fuse. WW1 era grenades typically have no paint on the body, and the caps on top can be grey or have grey paint to indicate a live grenade. In WW2 these grenades were painted yellow with markings in black. The WW1 versions are getting tough to find.
  13. Today
  14. Just got home. I have to eat dinner and do some other stuff so there will be more pictures to follow.
  15. AP is for Airplane and SP is for Specialist.
  16. GLCC74

    E bayeur , lucky line 1945

    I have bought stuff from his e-bay store, most of the time there are no issues, but as mentioned above, little to no communication. The online store this seller has was a problem for me, ordered a custom tunic, never showed up, nothing from the seller. Eventually got my money back, but a hassle.
  17. OH, is it this: The Rebecca/Eureka transponding radar was a short-range radio navigation system used for the dropping of airborne forces and their supplies. It consisted of two parts, the Rebecca airborne transceiver and antenna system, and the Eureka ground-based transponder. Rebecca calculated the range to the Eureka based on the timing of the return signals, and its relative position using a highly directional antenna.
  18. You're very welcome! It was the first I've seen. You can see they were at least somewhat mass produced, as there are "blank areas" for the name tape, shoulder insignia, location/years, and dedication. I especially like that it has the original retailer label!
  19. American Graffiti

    1960’s M65 with rear stencil

    I'd say that is Company 'C' not COC AG
  20. Amateur Vietnam Collector

    Special Forces SSI: 1960s vs 1980s

    That’s an interesting fact you provided there. I’ve been wondering why so many uniforms are missing insignia and such. I am happy with my find. I’ve been searching for an early special forces uniform for about two years now. I do not think one with full insignia and name tape in place exists. I think they are all in museums. I know early special force advisors used the tiger print and similar camo as well, but I have no way of telling if they are authentic or not. They have no dates or anything on them.
  21. milihfra

    Hello Everyone

    Hello All, My name is Frank, I have been collecting since I was 13 and 8 years later I am still at it. I collect a wide range of items, not just militaria, as I have a passion for history and hope to work in a museum one day. Attached is a small portion of my collection. By joining this forum I hope to learn and meet others who share my interests in order to expand my knowledge and collection.
  22. This one is a classic, with all of the unit insignia, the field gear, a CIB and color insignia, tour dates and it is even made out "To Mother". Big eyes and tears! One can only imagine what his Mom thought when this arrived in the mail. Nice example; thanks for sharing.
  23. Nkumburis

    Unknown Patch

    Thanks gents
  24. Nkumburis

    USMC Sword?

  25. Gravyguy

    Spanish cold war helmet collection

    Just found out the left Marines helmet has a Z.S. liner
  26. This looks like it has some age to it and might be a WW2 era piece that has some sort of US submarine force connection. Any ideas?
  27. collector

    '03 Springfield

    Thanks for checking out the shroud. Always up for more vintage gun pics!
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