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  2. . Bill Millin D-Day piper . . . . . . . . Just re-found this shot of Bill Millin taken on one of our 1970's vehicle trips to Normandy. Our first tour was the 1974 30th anniversary of D-Day, approximately two hundred wartime vehicles took part in that first commemoration tour. A colour image of Bill taken in the 1940's, Bill was a very kind and caring person who had time and a smile for everyone he met. Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, October 01 2020. . .
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  4. . Hi Powerhouse, Welcome & Thanks , I had a feeling it was something familiar to me but went with the vehicle tensioner chains idea. However a German vehicle collecting friend in the UK has since identified it for me and put in a request that I donate it to him. . . . . . . funny how many friends I have at times . . . . . . . . Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 30 2020. .
  5. That really sucks. I had the same thing happen a few months ago. I won an uncommon DI at a great price and was on track for a second. An hour later the seller cancelled the order and pulled the auction on the other item. Said the items were “lost”. Very frustrating...
  6. . Hi Rene, well seeing as you like the truck with the crane on the back take a look at this video clip on Youtube showing British and American military trucks in use in post-war Holland, lots of cranes and lots of adapted vehicles. here's some Double-Dutch for you, a US truck and a US aircraft in Dutch use . . . . . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfEPdNgKo_4&fbclid=IwAR14ooHum9PQ6sVHY943zmxwVWb70GnR9PqSLLaALDxiuHUTfJUyo01hNw8 Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, October 01 2020. .
  7. Hello, This hook look like those of german half-track Sd.Kfz 250, 251, 10.... (the 2 hooks on the front)
  8. Hello, I can't access to site too. The facebook page of the site indicate : "Hello All Servers are off line as of(09-25-20) due to parts failure. Replacements are on order but do not have a ship date. My other backup server is also down do to parts issue .....I think they call this a perfect storm....When it rains it pours. Tom" "Hello All, Fulton History Servers are back online as of 09-30-20 08:42 PM.....Tom"
  9. FN Belgian made with cone hammer.No external extractor.Not slotted. These were not surplus Inglis. From what I understand the pistols were purchased by the CIA from the Belgian govt and then channeled to SOG. This was posted on a page..
  10. I would go to this website put together by Mark Bando and study the various examples of 101st Airborne Division SSIs. https://www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html
  11. The seat back is also very well made. This whole seat is solid craftmanship!
  12. The seat pan is very well made from high grade aluminum. The bottom has the McArthur stamp along with the AN stamp. I have never seen this before.
  13. This is the seat rail. Note the corrosion between the rails. Also note none of this is stamped metal. It's all machined. The forth photo down shows one of two HT stamps I found. These are the only stamps on this. On the last photo you can't see it, but marks from an awl can be seen used to center the holes.
  14. The frame is well made. The steel parts show corrosion that may be salt water related.
  15. I haven't figured out what these are yet, but they are well made. They may have something to do with the arm rest.
  16. These are the struts seen on the lower back of the frame. These are not stamped, they are machined.
  17. The seat came in today. The seller broke it down for shipping. Upon inspection I found corrosion on the inside seat rails. This was a flown seat. Everything towards the bottom has some type of corrosion on it, mostly the nuts and bolts. My guess is salt water corrosion. The seat surprised me in its construction. This has to be pre or early war. The metal is machined in a detail not seen on WW2 seats. The aluminum is of the highest quality and the workmanship top notch. I took pictures of the parts to have a record of what was used to make it. I noticed were two parts meet the area is black. Th
  18. Here's a great one that sold on Stewart's Militaria website, not sure when, but for $50.00. This one is super cool with the Hula Girl motif!
  19. I believe so, but have not personally encountered any yet.
  20. Sorry that sucks. Ebay can giveth and eBay can taketh away! That stings, but I think it has happened to many of us. I was talking to Russ about the CCM wings. They seem to have been given to Cal Aero, Polaris and Mira Loma instructors. Russ and I were talking and I think that there were only a couple of hundred of these made, as their would have been a finite number of guys involved in training. I believe that the contract school part of training "allied" pilots via the Lend/Lease started around 1941, before starting to train US cadets in 1942, and by late 1944 began to run do
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