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  2. Hello, thanks for the information, do you think he would’ve been an airplane mechanic? Does anyone have his service record or know what outfit he was in?
  3. MAW

    Greeting from Ohio!

    What town are you from in Ohio?
  4. seanmc1114

    Questions on use of M65 field jacket in Vietnam

    Another example of a very common configuration of the 101st Airborne SSI worn in Vietnam. U.S. made merrowed edge shield with a theater made AIRBORNE tab. I have seen this configuration so often in both period photos as well as surviving examples of period uniforms that it almost makes me believe there was some kind of shortage of U.S. made gold on black AIRBORNE tabs available to the division. By the way, looking at the size of the shadow of the removed badge patch above the U.S. ARMY tape, I'm guessing it was Aircrew wings rather than a CIB.
  5. I agree with what was said - nice cover - Korea and again as stated - leave the cover on
  6. postmanusnac

    Show your favorite or rare ww2 PTO Army uniforms/groups!

    He was born in 1919 and served from late 41 to late 45. Made it to Pfc. The o/s bars seem to have sewn on too low and there was no room for a service stripe.
  7. postmanusnac

    Show your favorite or rare ww2 PTO Army uniforms/groups!

    Thanks! They are show and tell only though. All of them are named/id except for the Americal.
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  9. MPage

    7th Infantry Division with Airborne tab

    This has an older white label (Defense Personnel Support Center) apparently dated 82.
  10. General Apathy

    Norman D. Landing

    . Len has checked the British Government DVLA website and the Jeep FOT 28 is still registered with them, however it never gives owner or address details. . Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, November 29 2022. ...
  11. Tom Kibler

    M1 para helmet

    I agree with Andy. However based on the exterior paint on the shell, I believe it to be post-war used ( which was certainly not uncommon). There is also the clear possibility that somebody married that liner to the shell, long after the war. Chincup looks correct. More often than not, you find the four or five hole canvas chin straps with the Westinghouse liners. Hard to say.
  12. Boy Howdy

    Clark's rucksack

    Yes it is.
  13. cerick1450

    Mini CIB Questions

    Thank you
  14. Hi. Would you consider selling it? Thank you in advance
  15. Kadet

    M1 para helmet

    That looks like a nice rig. The liner is one of the Westinghouse manufactured paras based on the heavy cast alloy buckles (vice a rigger made example). The 5 hole chin cup looks real to me as well. Not uncommon to find standard M1s married with Westinghouse jump liners
  16. Garandomatic

    Chicago Typewriter. Semi. Commando model 1927A1.

    When the sent my gun back, they sent one of their mafs and it had fouled up looking feed lips where they just re-parkerized an original that was bad. I bought like 6 original 30s and 6 20s and clearanced every one with a dremel tool and they worked great.
  17. 1canpara

    TMCA Show Pick Purchase

    Really nice Ronnie! Great pickups! Love them both! 👍🏼😊
  18. shifty5580

    Assaut gaz Mask, strange bag

    Hello Dan, thanks for your help, I've found the bag in belgium, dont think a movie prop. The 4 buttons are are so it can be waterproof for me L can be "Large " too? Bertrand
  19. Blueprint

    Super Salty Post-WWII USMC Helmet

    Very nice! Beautiful Patina! But concerning the condition of the cover I’m not quite sure if the shell belongs tobte set originally.
  20. 1972firebird

    M1 para helmet

    Hey guys, picked up this m1 with a nice westy para liner at a local antique store near my house today. Liked the look and was hoping the leather chincup was real so i took it. The helmet is a swivel bail pot with regular od7 straps not para straps. The liner is a westinghouse rigger. Helmet has a lighter green overpaint. Overall helmet has nice character to it. I was wondering if someone would be able to help me in identifying if the leather chincup is real or not and what time period it is from. I do not have much experience with the para helmets so any advice is much appreciated. At the end of the day the helmet was cheap and the owner of the store was a great guy and a veteran himself. States that he gets helmets im quiet frequently so i will have to stop by again!
  21. patches

    Questions on use of M65 field jacket in Vietnam

    Here's one, an M65, yes the Screaming Eagles served in I Corps from 68-72. Beaucoup faded out South Vietnamese Made Ranks and Tape, and AIRBORNE Tab. CIB that's been striped, but no Jump Wings, and that's because the majority of the EMs in the 101 were no long Airborne Qualified.
  22. I just bought this in a lot and don't even have it in hand yet. It is probably a half- dollar size insignia. To me, it looks like a kepi patch. The shield is consistent with the 23rd Corps badge. On the reverse is the remnants of red wool. I am guessing the front was probably red wool and the red is gone, perhaps mothed away? But red would be consistent with the 1st Division, 23rd Corps. And the "75" is a regimental number? In any case, I wanted to get some expert input on my theoretical ID. Thanks for any feedback.
  23. Yes indeed, found that out this morning. 11 December 58 The RSA Redstone Troop Command organized a military ceremony to honor the visit of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece. Four ruffles and flourishes were given by the 296th Army Band from Fort McClellan, Alabama, while a firing battery of the 12th Artillery Battalion, Fort Benning, Georgia, rendered a 21-gun salute. The Honor Guard was furnished by the 291st MP Company, Redstone Arsenal, and the Color Guard was composed of representatives of other units of the Troop Command.
  24. DougO, I agree with your assessment. I see nothing wrong or suspicious with the first WASP badge illustrated. But, as you pointed-out, the second WASP badge has those poorly placed nail-head studs on the reverse. And, for me, the “JOSTEN STERLING” hallmark is not crisp like the first example... and from my prospective, appears somewhat incomplete and distorted.
  25. Ronnie

    TMCA Show Pick Purchase

    Bill it was the same on I-40 back to Memphrika.
  26. Juadalcanal

    Show your favorite or rare ww2 PTO Army uniforms/groups!

    Would you at all be willing to part with any of these? Specifically the double theater vet but ESPECIALLY the 38th ID uniform if that’s named? It’s my favorite division, I’m highly interested. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing uniforms. Really good ones!
  27. yup, my grandpa was in the 1st BN1, 1st PTG
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