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  2. Some things are worth waiting for.
  3. Nkomo

    It’s a Blackhawk

    Really great painted Blackhawk holster and would date from the earlier days of the Global War on Terror. These holsters were quite popular with soldiers and can still be found around most bases in the surplus shops.
  4. Charlie Flick

    Know Your M6 Sheaths

    Nice job quickly identifying this one as a reproduction sold by Man The Line company. For the benefit of those who might search for this topic in the future I am attaching below a photo of a new M6 type sheath sold by Man The Line company with the identical markings, but without the artificial aging shown on the one in question. Charlie
  5. That was common, I have uniforms with that ribbon it was used instead of victory ribbon. That's the theory anyway Sent from my moto g(7) play using Tapatalk
  6. VMI88

    What a buck buys...

    I've had the opposite experience - I've found three of the belts over the years but never a holster. I did once find a belt and holster together but never a single holster on its own.

    Erratic member. RETREAD12345

    What is your specialty?, And welcome back. Sent from my moto g(7) play using Tapatalk
  8. Charlie Flick

    .30 Cal Carbine dummy rounds -- WWII?

    Yes, those Dummy cartridges are USGI and were indeed produced during WW2. The cartridges are tin plated. They have an empty primer pocket with no flash hole. Most of the examples I have seen are headstamped WRA 43 or WRA 44. (WRA = Winchester Repeating Arms.) Your box is in very nice condition. As to the absence of any Lot number, I have not seen any similar .30 Carbine Dummy Winchester boxes with Lot numbers. I have not studied the issue but my guess is that it can be explained in this fashion. Lot numbers serve primarily as a quality assurance mechanism. It allows identif
  9. Veritas4514

    S1 Frank Montoya documents and USS Indianapolis

    I sent you a private message. We can get in touch through that.
  10. this is made by the coro co. does anyone know if it was manufactured lot later after the war. the one i bought that i have here is mint condition seems like it was made during the 70s
  11. Today
  12. Hello again. I am a 72 year old collector, but only of information. I was active for years but. lost the drive and now like to contribute what may be left of my knowledge
  13. General Apathy

    Norman D. Landing

    . Old Jeep parts . . . . . . . . . Sadly this Willys cylinder head is now too thin on the gasket side to be usable on an engine so here it is screwed to a wooden carport beam. . Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, May 16 2021. " Life's too short for reproductions " " Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes " .
  14. I just picked up a photo taken in December, 1945 of a Lieutenant in the 83rd ID and he is wearing an old ( WW1) style occupation ribbon..... but no victory ribbon. He born in 21’, was drafted in 1942 and discharged in March, 1946 so it makes me wonder if older ribbons were awarded/ self awarded by troops in Germany.
  15. JMcCulloch

    Unidentified DI for ID please

    I read in an ASMIC article that the Americal shield was added in 1947/48 and the motto added in 1967? older insignia continued to be worn for a while before the contract pieces were issued.
  16. Ardennen1944


    Nothing, unfortunately.
  17. kiaiokalewa

    1st Army Chemical or Chaplain?

    Of course we can get into all sorts of disagreements about these Fully Embroidered Branch SPECIFIC FIRST ARMY Shoulder Insignia (that were made for collectors) but here's what a really "Adjutant General Corps" First Army patch is supposed to look like. As for the case of light blue vs. dark blue is a matter of artistic licensing and what happened to match the color black was used for the panel in this particular case. From a distances you couldn't tell if it was a very dark blue or black. Cobalt blue was used for Chemical Corps as pointed out and a solid black pane
  18. Kadet

    M8 Scabbard Question: VP48

    Thanks! Here is the whole set. A few years ago I purchased a WWII 506th PIR group from the family. They found the bayonet and reached out to me. What sort of value do these have?
  19. Brian R

    Distinguished Service Cross Questions

    Thanks! I’m thankful to your summary above as it gives these crosses a bit more context. I’ll follow up with more info about their award dates to help understand when these crosses were used.
  20. Wonderful! I appreciate how significant these are. How do you prefer we do this? Files here or email?
  21. Hermanus

    Distinguished Service Cross Questions

    Thanks Brian. In one word ......... WOW ! ! Nice collection you have. Thanks for the contribution. Regards Herman
  22. My son said he looks like the father from Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs. I think he's right! Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  23. yokota57


    Det 2 6146th Air Force Advisory Group and the ROKAF 10th Fighter Wing may have been at Suwon AB (K-13). Can anyone confirm??
  24. doyler

    M8 Scabbard Question: VP48

    Found this info in Bayonet Points 6 The M3 scabbard and some of the M7s and M8s have no visible markings on the body. However, most M7 scabbards, the later M8 scabbards, the M8A1 scabbards, and the M1917 scabbards had the Victory Plastics logo molded into the body, along with a number. Mr. Wade stated that he believed the number to be a mold number for quality control, and that the scabbard throat covered the early numbers before it was moved lower on the body so it could be seen on the assembled scabbards. As the molds could be used for some time, the numbers are not an indicator
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