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  2. Looks like a labor of love. Nicely and thoroughly researched. The display of material is fanstastic.
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  4. Daytonian777

    Is this wing good? Post you advice requests here!

    Thank you both for the informative answers! I truly appreciate the extensive knowledge found here on USMF! 😀
  5. Usa1918

    Polar bear patch is it even military?

    It looks like an early OkPik cold weather patch for the Boy Scouts Northern Tier High Adventure Camp. They used either a similar Polar Bear or a White Owl
  6. Very nice Troy....great helmets. Ronnie
  7. I think you are still missing the unit he served in the Philippines with. He enlisted on January 6th, 1911, and was sent to Manila arriving in April 1911, likely sick. Was listed as Field Artillery unassigned, and was in the hospital. We don't know the unit he was assigned to once he got out of the hospital. The next thing we know, is he was at the Cavalry School at Ft. Riley, and then finished his enlistment in the Cavalry on January 5th 1914 at Fort Ethan Allen...which is in Vermont. Maybe he was not assigned to a unit in the PI, and they just sent him home. You would have
  8. You've done an exemplary job researching and putting together the story of your great-grandfather. From doing my own research on the 89th in that same period I know that a lot of the information is scattered around the internet, so to see this all pieced together is amazing. Your display and photos are clean and show off the information well too.
  9. The Rooster

    Paper tagged M-1 liner DSA 100-73-

    Mine is a Marmac. Thank you for clearing that up as I never knew what the M stood for.
  10. Bob Hudson

    Officer Hat Badge for Discussion

    I think it can be hard to tell a 1943 piece from a 1983.
  11. Is this unmarked hat badge WW2 vintage? Thanks in advance.
  12. I appreciate this comparison. I research and archive my family's military history. I have some original and some restrikes. I have some medal groupings when the Veteran asked for a replacement set and actually received more. Case in point. My WWI grandfather received a extra clasp on his WWI VM, Silver Star Medal, French Fourregere, and Service before 1939 lapel pin. What do you call these? Technically they are first time issued, even though World War I ended 100 years ago.
  13. Posted my updates for March. Thanks for looking. keith
  14. Costa

    D-DAY navy sold

    i have a confession to make. i was the one who bid and won that helmet and then i backed out. it was listed as a D-DAY helmet for which there was no way of telling by tracking down a name. it could have been D-Day +4-7 or weeks after as mentioned here on the forum. now this is between the seller and myself who has threatened me by putting up all the emails between him and i to prove i did wrong by him. he is a member here and will get back at me by posting all correspondence as he stated he would and it does not bother me at all. i have been selling off parts of my collection with the intenti
  15. American Heritage

    Military Order of Foreign Wars

    Hello, I am a member of MOFW and looking for an antique numbered example to purchase if anyone has one or would like to sell theirs.
  16. Never feel bad for showing more pictures of your amazing creations. I for one don't get tired of seeing them. Mikie
  17. MilitaryPicker1941

    Are these patches good ?

    Top two are reproductions
  18. patches

    OD Webbed Name Tape?

    Embroidered White Web or other White Cloth NAME Tapes from the mid 50s mid 60s,and the Mid 60s on Embroidered OD Web Tapes, both U.S. ARMY and NAME Tapes were made up at PXs as a private purchase by soldiers so inclined. they are not issued. When you go through the linked topics you will see what we are talking about, granted it takes a bit of study, but you'll get the range.
  19. P-59A

    WW1 flight coveralls-named

    That is a very nice find! Well done on the research!!
  20. donaldnol

    Meyer and Amcraft Wings - Fakes?

    i herd that ira green does
  21. Lo var Lachland

    OD Webbed Name Tape?

    This answer confuses me because you make it sound like after the 1980s the US Army no longer used sewn tape, which doesn't seem correct considering I'm currently staring at a field jacket from 1988 with sewn tapes. Thanks for the answer about the webbing, I'll look for some correct nylons when I get the chance.
  22. Hmmm....A strange name he has, but possible my research is for another? Would be uncanny that another Californian would go by Renzo, but I guess possible. I was assuming that the obituary made a typo saying that he served in WWII, rather than WWI. I was thinking that when he returned to the States and at Ft. Riley, which was home to the13th Cavalry Regiment, and he was sent to the Mounted Cavalry service, and his obituary has him listed as serving in WWI (assuming this was a typo) that he may have served served on the US border and possibly into Mexico with the 13th. Also, if he just enlisted
  23. patches

    OD Webbed Name Tape?

    Here's topics on U.S. ARMY Tapes and NAME Tapes that will be of interest. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/86004-what-years-were-the-different-styles-of-fatigue-shirt-name-tape-used/ https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4837-color-name-tapes/ https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/306102-name-tapes-question/ https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28547-nice-colored-name-tape-set-on-hbt-and-fj/
  24. patches

    OD Webbed Name Tape?

    1. Is it common for the color of OD webbed tape to be an almost pink color? It doesn't feel like the CIB and the tape should have different colorization. In the modern era you can see slight shade differences by the maker, in the Vietnam era mostly TAPES made In Country, this due really to poor dyes. 2. How common was it for webbed name tape to be issued/sewn-onto uniforms and what were the dates if so? Web U.S. ARMY Tape and their matching NAME Tape, were are not a Issue Insignia, the only tape that was sewn to a shirt was back in the late 50s into the early 80s,
  25. I know that I wasn't posting anymore pics of the Firebase diorama, but I never took pics of that dio in a so-called formal setting. So I'm posting these four pics. Enjoy! Semper Fi. Manny
  26. Lo var Lachland

    OD Webbed Name Tape?

    Hey all. Recently acquired some OD Webbed nametape through a third-party military supplier for my M81 BDU tunic for reenacting purposes. I got the standard "U.S. ARMY" tape and my last (pseudo) name. When I was doing some test-fitting (just placing the folded tape over the tunic) not only did the color look incorrect, I started wondering how standardized "webbed" nametape actually was historically. So I checked a cold-weather jacket I own that belonged to a prior owner, and the tape on the jacket was not webbed and appeared to be more of a nylon-design. I know that the discoloration could
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