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  2. Bugme

    Off center heat stamp FS SB

    That is the original finish. Nice, clean and legit.
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  4. jeff41st

    Wing Collection

    Very nice.
  5. tony75

    WW2 USN Flight Cap

    Hello Thank you very much for the help and information, very interesting Tony
  6. General Apathy

    Norman D. Landing

    . Hi Ron, obviously the metal stoves would easily survive ( occasionally rust spotted ). However the tablets would suffer from bad storage in damp conditions and the tablets dissolve and the package disintegrate as this one has. When I bought the manufacturers carton containing several of these rolls of tabs some had already started to un-ravel and separate. I saved all the ones I could and wrapped them in kitchen food-film which held the packaging together and prevented further disintegration . This one I saved ( minus the dissolved tabs ) to glue back together and save for display purposes. . Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, August 15 2022. ...
  7. Here are mine with the searcher attachment
  8. Proud Kraut

    M4A1, Sicilian campaign, July 1942

    Excellent painting and weathering, great job!
  9. patches

    Joe Turkel

    Ahhh Just seen Joe Turkel passed in June, he was 94. In Two of his memorable roles. Soldat Pierre Arnaud Paths Of Glory Petty Officer 2nd Class Bronson The Sand Peebles
  10. Brig Gen Alva Fitch 3rd_Armored Division Artillery Commander in West Germany in the mid-sh 50s wearing the 3rd Armored Division PTC on Green Loops without Tab, nor does his patch have the Tab yet either. Fitch, West Point 1930 was captured in the PI, as 2nd Battalion Commander of the 71st Field Artillery of the new Filipino 71st Division His DSC citation mistakenly has the 91st Field Artillery as his unit, as there was a 91st Coast Artillery (PS) thee was no 91st Field Artillery. https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/6083#32513
  11. A cloth Air Transport Command PTC on an Air Corps Overseas Cap.
  12. doyler

    Norman D. Landing

    Very nice tab variations.
  13. doyler

    Norman D. Landing

    Love the watch band and the card its mounted to. Always interesting to see the original items as they were manufactured. Have a couple of the little stoves and some of the tabs around. Another iconic piece of WW2 that's often overlooked and missing from collections. (and not easy to find today)
  14. ArchangelDM

    Bloody flag bought home from Betio Tarawa

    Sadly not, I believe signed and written got mistyped
  15. Northwest Service Command on one Private William Schlecht.
  16. Ruth Lyeth nurse, 3rd Army Germany 1919
  17. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/46057653/james-lee-quong
  18. iron bender

    2 man reco boat 1945

    Makes me think of the prisoner snatch in Band of Brothers. Very interesting piece of gear. Guessing at this point that's very rare. Especially that complete and in incredible condition
  19. robinb

    2 man reco boat 1945

    The bladders are soft and would probably hold air just fine.
  20. Dave T

    2 man reco boat 1945

    Now thats something you dont see every day! Very cool! 👍 Is it still inflatable? If so, do you plan to inflate for display?
  21. New to me as of yesterday is this 2 man reconnaissance boat dated 1945. It has 12 inflatable bladders that can be replaced while the raft is in use.
  22. Jack Wallace Morgan - Marine Raider - | Silver star recipient | KIA. Guam, July 21st 1944 One of the stars of the raider collection, belongs to a Raider who made the ultimate sacrifice at just 19 years old. Thank you
  23. doyler

    101ab patch

    there have been various repros surface out of eastern europe as well.
  24. The 21st Infantry Hawaiian Division pre war, appears to be wearing the Denims.
  25. patrick_usmc

    Bloody flag bought home from Betio Tarawa

    Incredible artifact. It's something to think about the reality of where that flag has been. Thanks for sharing it. Patrick
  26. I got real lucky this morning at the flea market. I paid 5 dollars for this shadow box from a Spanish speaking only vender who probably got it at a garage sale from the liquidation of the estate of a Patricia A. Dewhirst who passed away in 1998. In the photo in the upper right hand corner you can make out the US Army Master Sergeant's name of O. Cason. The name engraved on the back of the Purple Heart is Helen M. Cason. I found both names on Find-A-Grave below: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/3391599/oscar-odell-cason https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/72468622/helen-matilda-cason The entries on Find-A-Grave shows Helen M. Cason as having served during WW2 in the Air Force which I'm guessing is when she was wounded. Their daughter was identified as Patti Dewhirst. She lived 45 minutes from my residence so this is where the mentioned vendor probably obtained the shadow box. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/38258034/patricia-ann-dewhirst Why the family would want to get rid of this piece of history is puzzling.
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