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  • US Militaria Forum FAQs

  • How do I join USMF? Is it Free?

    Yes, USMF is completely free to join! There are no paid features on USMF. This means there are also no paid member levels for "added perks".

    Joining the USMF community is very easy, and we look forward to meeting you.


    Join USMF.png


    Is there a "Premier Member" level that I can pay for?

    There are no paid member levels or perks on USMF. The forum is free to all and all members are equal. Certain sections of the forum may have requirements, but these apply to every member, and they are not monetary requirements.


    Can I Buy and Sell militaria on USMF? 

    Yes, members may sell, buy and/or trade on USMF. A member must have 30 or more substantial posts to be allowed to use the Sell/Trade/Wanted boards. Any member may offer to buy an item (via PM with the seller) that is listed for sale.


    Do I have to pay to be allowed to post Sale threads?

    No. Any member who has met the requirements for using the Sale/Trade/Wanted boards (as laid out in the forum rules) is free to post threads in the Sale section.

    Of course, donations to the forum are appreciated (as that is how the forum continues to be a free site), but they are not required at all! 


    Can I get my website/business advertised on USMF?

    Forum Sponsors are allowed to have an ad banner on the USMF front page, ad rotation along the bottom of pages, and a stationary banner ad on the Sponsor page.


    Become a Sponsor.png


    Do USMF Moderators and Admins receive a salary? 

    No. All USMF Staff are volunteers and receive no salaries of any kind. All the work these staff members do to make this a nice community is entirely done on their own time.


    Do USMF Staff Members have access to all my private messages?

    Moderators cannot access your private messages unless you choose to add a staff member to a message string (in the same way that you can add any member to a PM). 

    Do Moderators and Admins get advance notifications of sale threads?

    No, they do not. Posts do not require Moderator approval, so sale threads/posts are active and viewable to all members with Sale Board privileges as soon as they are posted. If you ‘Follow’ any Sale boards, you get the notifications at the same time anyone else receives them (including staff).


  • Is USMF a Non-Profit (501c3)?

    No, USMF is not a registered non-profit. This is a privately owned forum that is completely run by volunteers. USMF is supported by private sponsors and donors, and all "profits" from these donations go directly to forum running costs, upgrades, and advertisement. 


    Who do I contact if I need help?

    Go to our STAFF PAGE to find a list of our Moderators, and they will be more than happy to assist you.


    I have been locked out of my account. How can I get help?

    If you scroll down to the very bottom of the forum page, you will see a "Contact Us" button. You do not have to be signed in to use this contact form, so simply explain your issue and provide contact information, and an Admin will get back to you. 




    Do I upload images directly through USMF or should I host them on an outside Image hosting site?

    Images should be uploaded directly through USMF (easily done when posting). Outside picture links and/or hosting is not allowed. USMF is a reference site, and if an image is hosted on another site and is then removed or the link becomes obsolete over time, then the meat of the thread is lost.  


    How do I edit my own content? 

    You are allowed to edit your content for approx. 10 minutes after you submit your post. After that, if you need content edited, please contact a Moderator. 


    Can I change my username?

    Usernames cannot be changed by members. If you need your username changed (i.e. your username is your actual name and you would rather it not be public), please contact Forum Manager.


    Am I allowed to discuss Non-US militaria?

    Discussions of non-US militaria are not allowed on USMF. The only non-US items allowed to be discussed on USMF are documented bring-backs (souvenirs/items brought home by someone who served in the Armed Forces) or foreign-made items that were used by US militaria personnel. We do have a sister site for non-US discussions, World Militaria Forum. WMF is run by the same staff as USMF and is free to join.


    Visit WMF.png


    If I am a member of World Militaria Forum, do I need to make an account on USMF?

    Yes. The two sites are run and maintained by the same staff, but you need an account on both sites in order to post in both places. 

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