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  1. A 30s Infantry Guidons large sized as mentioned. B Co 16th Inf 1st Div NY NY. G Co 174th Infantry, 44th Division Buoffalo NY.
  2. A 1930s Old Timer, a Master Sergeant along with an equally long serving Staff Sergeant are wearing colored backings, seems to be QM discs right, so Buff? unit and year unfortunately not known.
  3. A 1930s Old Timer, a Master Sergeant with between 27 or more years in, name unit and year unfortunately not known.
  4. I Company 102nd Infantry 26th Division 1919. And G Company 315th Infantry 79th Division 1919
  5. Interesting, now there's one thing I wasn't aware of, would of seen no reason why the Infantry wouldn't of had a Guidon, but here's L Company 132nd Infantry 33rd Division, late 1919, yes not seeing a Guidon, would think it would be prominent front and center right!
  6. Nice Haul. Was the Son an Officer?
  7. On this South Korean segment, it was damn pretty cold right, December right, Jill St John and the actress Janis Paige, who was also in the Troupe. refused to wear their fur coats or GI Parkas when they went on stage to do their act, this so the boys could see them in their elegant dresses. Bob we see is wearing an 8th Army with Scroll on his Pile Cap
  8. A Doctor of the 8th Army with one of those 8th Army SUPPORT Scrolls gets his temperature taken by Jill St John on the South Korean leg of the 1964 Bob Hope's Christmas Show
  9. Here's one in use in the mid-sh 1960s.
  10. And here we have a Box of Ruptured Ducks, Khaki Twill.
  11. Another Coast Guard Landing Party on Greenland in WWII, examining a abandoned German camp.
  12. Seen this on Colonel John U.D. Page MOH (Posth) Korean Conflict, Page an Artilleryman, a staff officer X Corps Artillery was awarded his MOH in 1957, could he of then at that time been awarded a CIB as well?
  13. While he has only one Campaign Star on his EAME Ribbon, which lets say gives him at least 6 months to a year, the finial part on occupation duty, he has 4 on his Vietnam Service Ribbon, his service info is sparse unfortunately, but he may have been in Vietnam in the early 60s, after Levenworth in 63-64, this accounting for the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, though I can't account for the Star there, maybe the Dom Rep as member stated, then again later a some point, more service with MACV plus the 1 year's service in Laos in 1967-68.
  14. A LOT of 33rd Inf Div Factory Goofs, maybe WWII-1950s or 1960s, hard to know of course without them in hand,
  15. Did just now find one more unit. 2nd Infantry Battalion, Boston Massachusetts.
  16. Thanks for that Bill, do you remember the number of his unit? And one question, what does the 100 stand for, we gather the C is for C Company, and the 1/25 is for the 1st Battalion 25th Marines which a c Company will be found, its the 100 there that has me wondering.
  17. Here's an example of a 1965-1974 one that's been polished as per unit regs.
  18. Interesting, while I know that in May 1982 when I was in the 4th of the 9th in Alaska and we had just gotten the new BDUs, the wear of DIs on the new BDU soft cap was verboten, and gathering it was the same army wide, perhaps these Subdued one's especially the leadership loops was a locally authorized application for wear on the shoulder loops of the Woodland Field Jackets at one point. When the current DIs (60s and I guess today) for the 9th Infantry are bought, they do have a dark wash to them, that at least in my day must be polished away, but this wash is not like the Black sho
  19. A Mini CIB Korean War, that looks like what we're seeing there, a 1952 photo of a 40th Inf Div GI. Wearing a Mini on fatigue items would be most Atypical.
  20. Green Berets again, in 1963, a Sergeant E-5 carrying one, just now noticing that the man ahead with back to camera may be carrying the paratrooper M1A1 Carbine, with a Grenade Launcher on it.
  21. What or where would these prop insignia come from/off of?
  22. Allan good idea, on that that thought and on close examination we can see the British elastic chin strap
  23. Maybe an WWI Anti Aircraft thing, a machine gun unit assigned to defend an airdrome???
  24. A stumper, though would not think it is New York NG affiliated at the moment, simply because by 1940, all units of the guard were officially titled by their federal line designations, then there the Blue color, mor Infantry then Artillery.
  25. Jawohl. Aber deres somting rotten in Danemark. This is the correct spelling below, can't account why the spelling in the stamp differs from this as Thuringia is the English way of spelling this. SA-Gruppe Thüringen
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