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  1. It's a contemporary type that may have had its Cat Eyes removed.
  2. Found a definite ID on the unit this crest is for, its for the 2nd Regiment New York State Guard, formed up in Troy, thus the affiliation with the New York National Guard 105th Infantry, formed originally as 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment in 1898
  3. The Black Beret was not worn by Armor Units in 1967 like it would be later in the 70s, it was worn in 1967 however unofficially, albeit in small numbers, by LRRP units and battalion level RECON Platoons in South Vietnam (This being 1967-very early 1969 before the establishment of the new 75th Ranger Companies that replaced the LRRP units in Divisions or Separate Brigades, and with the battalion level RECON Platoons who still could be seen wearing them as well ), and at the NCO School and within the Ranger Department at Ft Benning, and by random individuals in Infantry units, perhaps Armor and even Air Cavalry units in South Vietnam, even in one case as posted in this topic by an Artilleryman of the 1st Cav Div in 1967-69, again these are believed to be for the most part RECON type units within a battalion, squadron, or company/troop, if not, like in the case of the Artilleryman, then just a local personally acquired beret worn as or for a lack of a better term, as a "Fashion Statement". Black Berets in this period were apparently seen in rare cases in other places army wide, here we believe these would be battalion level RECON Platoon members. The Black Beret of course came to be worn starting in the early 70s, like 1972 to 1978 within Armor and Armored Cavalry unit, its wear while widespread both in the Regular Army and in the Reserve Components was again unofficial, and banned in 1978 by the DoA except for the Special Forces and the new 75th Rangers, as well as the Ranger Department at Benning. On this ROTC photo, I sure wish the school these guys came from was mentioned, it would of went a ways in IDing unit, like in exmple they may have adpted by this date of 1967 some kind of RANGER title for their ROTC unit and adopted the then Black Beret as was starting to be associated with the Army Rangers at Benning and the LRRPs in South Vietnam, who were in a lot of cases Ranger Qualified, particularly the Officers.
  4. Wide Mesh Helmet Nets and Grass, and the M41 OD HBTs. Trainees at the Camp Croft SC Infantry Replacement Training Center sometime the late summer of 1942
  5. The Americal patch on the nose of the Divisional Commander's C&C Bird, the Chopper crashed on 16 November 1968 with all aboard, at this time commander was Maj Gen Charles Gettys. Don't know if it was shot down or had mechanical problems, but that's Colin Powell, then Major and Americal Divisional G-3 standing there off to the side, he was riding in it when it went down, and once on the ground, despite being hurt himself, rescued three of the crew and or fellow passengers that were apparently all injured, to include Gettys. https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/100351#51967
  6. And finally Sailors again, here I think at San Diego???
  7. The American Shield done up by Solders at Camp Custer 1918.
  8. Soldiers at Fort Riley Kansas The Son in Service Banner.
  9. Found a few in the same vein, not patches, nevertheless still deserving of a posting here. Great Lakes 1917 and recreated again in 2010.
  10. Yeah I was trying to find an image of those, from here they look like there embroidered on German Camo material with a Black border, but no dice.
  11. Just as a heads up, this U.S. Made 8th Cavalry Pocket Patch has been seen being worn by at least one other PENTOMIC Era 8th Cavalry unit, the 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 4th Infantry Division. It may have worn also by no less then five other PENTOMIC Era 8th Cavalry Recon Squadrons. one that were assigned to Regular Army, the 3rd Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 8th Infantry Division in West Germany and four Active Full Combat Reserve Divisions, the 5th Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 63rd Infantry Division in Los Angeles ,6th Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 77th Infantry Division from New York City, the 7th Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 83rd Infantry Division from Ohio and the 4th Reconnaissance Squadron 8th Cavalry 96th Infantry Division out west. Utah etc. and later by Troop D 8th Cavalry 191st Infantry Brigade (Separate) which was formed when the 96th Infantry Division was inactivated in 1963.
  12. If I may add this, a photo of Unauthorized Japanese Made 70th Tank Battalion DIs in use. Seanmc1114 originally posted it, I shopped it out to get an ID cause we were stumped on what it was for, and iIin1979 IDed it. 70th Tk Bn initially attached to the Cav, think starting in August 1950, it's assigned permanently or officially in November 1951. Unknown though where photo was taken, could be in Japan on R&R summer of 51?
  13. Brigadegeneral Jared Sembritzki Chief of Staff U.S. Army Europe wearing that unit's shoulder patch.
  14. Very cool, unissued, can't beat that.
  15. Good deal. They seem to have made insignia for NYNG units going back a long time ago. An unofficial, or very early 105th Infantry DI by Bastian.
  16. And a DI worn on the Cap by a Divisional Commander, this being Rodger W.Eckfeldt, one time commander of the 26tth Division, photo taken in 1940, he's wearing the 26th Divisions HQ DI.
  17. One Colonel T.B. Birdsong C.O. of the 155th Infantry, 31st Division in April 1940, this before the DD Division was Federalized in late November of the same year.
  18. Looks like a Local Jeweler? made this, in Rochester NY. Does not have the standard/usall Insignia Manufacture Hallmarks one would see, you know NS Meyer, Denmark, Ira Green etc etc etc.
  19. You asked about this back in January 😊 😊
  20. Fernando, check out this big topic on the WWII Gray Uniforms, it,s Greeat.
  21. Here's the WWII Chief Petty Officers Gray Cap. Junior Enlisted Rates wore Gray Uniforms too, cut just like their White ones, with their familiar Cap, but in Gray.
  22. Well in answer to one of your questions, Grey Caps were used by all Officers and if a Petty Officer by all of them if they wore the Grey Uniform, not just Aviators who of course did wear them, but also Surface Officers, Submariners, and Shore stationed officers and or Petty Officers. In example here's the legendary American Actor Henry Fonda when he was in the Navy in WWII, wearing the Gery Uniform, Fonda was not an Aviator.
  23. Rob the key is the 1 Nov 1950 date of this IKE, bringing the time period this was worn into 1951, and not after 1951 as the wear lower discs are abolished in October 51
  24. Yeah that's it, that's what it was for, but since this is a mid 70s cap, then for gals with these heads of hair 😆
  25. What an unusual and unorthodox method, I guess they just Picked out the lettering when they left this duty, carefully done to prevent blemishes in the fabric, would be crazy if they just through out the coat, given these were expensive private purchase items, unless recruiters got the Blues issued, even if so, if discarded, still a waste of a perfectly fine coat and a waste of government money.
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