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  1. super group - dripping with great history - well done!!
  2. awesome grouping Mike - well done - the 1911's are beauties!!
  3. awesome buckle - super piece!!
  4. Guten Tag - welcome to the forum
  5. WOW - now's that's a grouping - well done and awesome!!
  6. as already stated - super grouping - well done
  7. another awesome badge mike and with the gettysburg connection is very special!!
  8. another great badge - retirement collection
  9. welcome aboard - have fun and enjoy deer hunting again -
  10. very nice carbine - well done!!
  11. welcome to the forum - have fun and enjoy
  12. great helmet - looks like some of those pictures are from the Reading PA WWII air show?
  13. hello and welcome to the forum - have fun
  14. great collection of guns - any original WWII garands?
  15. another great badge Mike - keep them coming!!
  16. would like opinions on civil war sling - looks ok - during the end of the war, more black color was seen (lesser quality and stained black to color the lesser grade of leather) and the leather on the non stained side doesn't look fuzzy like a fake.. The small issue I have is it in about 48 inches long and not the standard 46 inches but the width is correct at 1 1/4 inches thx mike
  17. hello and welcome - a lot of great info here and don't be shy to participate - have fun
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