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"Fury"....and friends (pic heavy)


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As you all know, "Fury" was filmed on location in the UK. The M4A2E8 ( yes, an "A2"...not an A3 ) which became "Fury" used to be The Tank Museum's running Sherman, which yours truly spent a day riding around in a few years ago. It was subsequently loaned to the movie company and was converted to its "Fury" configuration. Post-production it was returned to the museum where it now resides at the heart of a permanent "Fury" exhibition. It is still very much a runner and is used for displays in special events such as the annual Tankfest. However, "Fury" was not the only M4 in the movie...there were others such as "Lucy Sue" and "Old Phyllis". Both these supporting players were also on display in the arena at Tankfest back in June and which yours truly attended. The pics below will hopefully give you something of the flavour of the event.



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