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Helmets in Use - WW2 Era Armor and WW2 M1 Steel Helmet

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On 4/18/2020 at 3:14 AM, Burning Hazard said:

Armored Liners



Do you know were this photo was taken?

"Semper in hostes" - 66th armored regiment - 2nd armored division

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Major General Lunsford Errett Oliver, commander of the 5th Armored Division during most of the war wears a camo pot it seems, also seems to mimic the pre early war fashion of wearing dark colored cloth discs on garrison caps by some officers right.


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Three Crewman of a winter painted M8 Armored Car wearing the British Tanker Helmet, one, the one bounding up on the vehicle on the right seems to wear his with a camouflage net  Western Germany February 1945, unit unknown.


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Going with my preference to post Informal Portraits of men wearing helmets, let me add this one, one William Orme, Arkansas,, I guess on a transport out of NYC or still dockside, the markings probably are some kind of control codes/markings from the New York Port of Embarkation.  Orme, Infantry, was on his his way to England, here he will be assigned Co H 175th Infantry, 29th Infantry Division, D-Day to VE-Day. Photo sometime in early April 44 would be my guess (says he was in his unit two months before D-Day). I,m not sure if every man that was on a troopship had their helmets marked like this or only men who were selected as guides (If that's the correct term), rank not withstanding.

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On 4/15/2020 at 8:33 PM, Alex Boban said:

Here's one of my favorite. I didn't save the caption unfortunately, but if memory serves, this photograph was taken in Italy in May 1944, minutes after their tank was destroyed.



Crew safe! Their tank knocked out near Cisterna in the opening phase of the beachhead battle, this American tank crew returned to safety after a hazardous trip through no man’s land. Relaxing after their tight squeeze are Pvt. Floyd W. Shelton, Wichita, Kansas, lighting cigarette of Pvt. Vassar Nance, Leahville, Arkansas, and (standing left) Pvt. Donald Jones, Dexter, New York, and Cpl. Earl L. Larson, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cisterna, Italy. 24 May 1944

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a thousand pictures!

"I read that in war bad things happen, Ain't that the ************* truth" -1st Lt Mike Scotti







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