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  1. How much are they asking for it - another great indication. this would have to be in the thousands if original
  2. Also too add, the net was added to the helmet, then it was camo’d then the net was taken off again and the tree added. Pic 1 and 2 both clearly show where the net should be running through it but the tree is sitting on top. later addition ?
  3. PartS I like, parts I dislike. that white on the tree is awfully white, normally white turns a cream color with age. Even hardly used helmets that saw little use and then were stored correctly exhibit a dulling down Of the initial color. I find it hard to believe that the camo underneath has dulled and aged yet the white remains bright. - Dean
  4. Leather chinstrap is a reproduction and the paint looks really off, the officers stripe on the back could be a runway ! Insignia is not correct, I'm thinking An old reproduction as the inland liner looks good - Dean
  5. I agree that marking it replica would help and should be done, as with my opening statement on the thread. This thread was made for all collectors alike as a warning that these are getting better and I’m sure will be used in the future To deceive potential buyers. The Original WW2 Westinghouse liners with painted camouflage where only produced during WW2, and are quite a rare find these days. A lot of the produced liners where painted over During and after the war. Westinghouse was the only manufacturer to produce these. The double stamping of a liner indicates Post war use, the one pictured being Westinghouse and Capac ( post war liner) Not knowing this could confuse a buyer into thinking that it could be legit. I hope that helps - Dean
  6. they are definitely getting more advanced and better detailed. as others have quoted the double stamp puts the liner PW which is obviously incorrect but with a little wear and tear and a Westinghouse single stamp it will be more difficult to spot for ALL collectors
  7. Yeah picture is not the greatest and it’s also been resized for here. I’ll try and add the full link - looks a lot better on eBay
  8. knowledge is power information is key ! let’s hope that the new collectors out that get to this page. Also we all know what’s wrong with it - the page and thread is for people that might not.
  9. I think the new collectors would struggle if they did not have originals to hand. I can see the differences as pointed out but they are slight and the untrained eye might not see them 1. my original H/S company
  10. no as a replica, unfortunately as stated earlier some unscrupulous sellers I’m sure will add a little wear and will start to sell as originals. Also just to clarify, I feel the liners should be marked inside “Replica” as to help future buyers just keeping ahead of the curve
  11. no problem Cap, im sure these will be turning up with wear very soon and then of course sold as originals. buyers beware
  12. I was reading on a thread about the new breed of replica Westinghouse Camo liner replicas Coming on the market, Owen (Kammo man) had mentioned them early on but I had yet to see one. Until earlier this morning on eBay ! These have to be the scariest thing I’ve seen in a while, add a little wear to it and it’s extremely dangerous territory. Why they aren’t marked replica is beyond me , I would advise all USMC collectors to have a good look at these. ebay number : 203037283097 - Dean
  13. Get a tooth pick and gently lift the areas that can be lifted easily. You should be able to work and area and see whether you can see the camouflage pattern
  14. Hope that helps a little good luck with your setup
  15. IKEA do a fantastic sealed display box called a Sammanhang they can be wall mounted and display helmets beautifully, not to mention keep them dust free. a rather inexpensive way to display
  16. Harrowing accounts from the 2nd Div on Guadalcanal.
  17. Very nice ! well displayed - keep up the good work
  18. The sailors and marines caught hell from the Japanese at Guadalcanal. Im reading some amazing accounts of the marines watching the naval fight happen while on the canal, not knowing who was winning and who was who, only to find out in the morning that their had been many casualties for them and the Japanese fleet had pushed the navy and marines back. Now without supplies and food the marines where alone and Encircled on the island. harrowing accounts from the ships themselves during that first night battle also. incredible historic read if you get a chance on the battle of Guadalcanal
  19. Could very well Be Scott - great photo looking forward to seeing what’s under there
  20. totally agree Mike that yellow looks good from these pics
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