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Trigger Finger Mittens


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Has any one ever seen or heard of Army Air Force WW2 marked trigger finger mittens? I have a pair, mint, with the AAF insignia in white on each one. Same insignia you see on the leather flight helmets.

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Sweeting's book shows and talks about a couple of WWII leather types: A-6, A-9 & A-9A. My '54 dated copy of AFM 64-4 doesn't show any of them being carried over to the USAF, must have been an AAF only thing.

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I have a set of ype A-9A Spec NO 94-3070-A size large. They were made by the Alexette Glove Corp. and are marked property Air forces U.S. Army. They belonged to my Grand father who was the adjutant of the Hawaiian Air Forces 7 Dec 1941 at Hickam AAF. He later became theagjutant ad G-1 of 5th Army during the Italian campaign. His Invasion flag worn on the arm is marked Oran and Arzew in North Africa and Anzio and Salerno in Italy. The gloves are beige in color made out of leather outers and probably wool lining which is white. Semper Fidelis, Paul Bertholf

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