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  1. I would display them framed with it but not reattached to it. I always imagine, what if someone found my stuff after I died. They might either not know I had altered it or, worse yet, might assume it was a trumped up set. Write up a card and put it in a pocket listing all that goes with the grouping. Awesome grouping for sure. If only it could talk! Dave
  2. Does sound a tad pricey but you gotta love the navy colors.
  3. Agreed but there are chemicals for aging and cracking paint. Certainly not the realm of those who would use the modern paints that would "resist" this. Dave
  4. Brian, Welcome to this forum. You respond as if being attacked. Answers to some of the questions would solve that. This is a collectors community where we protect each other through analysis and study of such things as you sold. There has hardly been trash talk. All talk that is controversial to you could easily be explained by you rather than responding so angrily while yet responding dismissively to the things in question. Dodging every question on this thread and apparently through the PMs from Trinity are not helping nor is saying things like "just shut up." If you would like to discuss the source and what was told you about the 88th and the 29th medic in your avatar, this is a good place. If you feel it is noones business but yours and the buyer that's not the way the world works anymore. These items effect us all and the future of our hobby. Dave
  5. That's pretty much it. Nice one. Dave
  6. Back to beat a dead horse. Did anyone bother checking the link of the "credible collector" provided by the eBay seller of this helmet (Brian, right?)? I realize he says this is not where the medic helmet came from but rather that's where his now sold 88th and bizarre 29th medic helmet(my posted screen shot) came from - a credible collector of 50 yrs? I admit I didn't and maybe that would have shaped our earlier discussion. Check out this respected collector's site: https://www.nchsinc.com/aboutus.asp Brian, Dude! Why would you even post that? It's all admitted reproductions! "OD cut-edge cotton white tongue 101st patch 'made on WWII style machines'", etc. I didn't see anything on that site that even claimed to be authentic. This lights me up. Business of selling reproductions meant to be comparable to originals, consulting and supplying museums and the movie industry, etc. yet "the helmets he's sold are authentic period painted ones - I promise." Unreal. Then again did Brian ever claim those he sold were period painted helmets or just that he got them from a seasoned collector? That's one way to feign ignorance of any untoward activity. Apologies to Trinitykitty24 and other members for dragging this on but if Brian thinks he scored painted helmets from this guy based on a perceived rep, he needs to look deeper or admit to his knowledge of the obvious. And now he has sold one or two to members here? Shameful. Again, it's not about this medic shell, which has no better story IMO, but this type of stuff deserves to be looked at by optimistic helmet collectors. I have nothing against George Peterson or his business but when it is intermingled with the sale of supposedly authentic M-1s that come under scrutiny it becomes quite telling. It's getting to be where sellers are almost admitting questionable sources and others are still saying "Looks good to me." Pretty soon there will be spilled cans of red and white paint in the background and well here, "I see nothing wrong with this helmet." I would go so far as suggesting Shadawg call Peterson and ask about the 88th helmet sold to Brian in Mn or wherever. See what he says. This might unravel yet.
  7. Unfortunately for those who paid JK, or anyone, authentic market value were left holding hot potatoes. $450 is about right for one of unknown history/provenance but that isn't proven a fake (IMO) and a fair amount for recovery of what amounts to a reenactors helmet. To clarify, Was there not a numbered medic helmet that came from JK to one of the members? Perhaps I misunderstood earlier when this thread became JK-centric but if such a rare combo of paint came from him at any point it places any #1,2, or 3 medic helmet into suspicion IMO.
  8. If from a collector, I would definitely want to know why it was sanded. If from a non-collector, surely they would have a reason. Microscope pics might help but that sandingtreatment makes it even harder to determine - that alone is a sign of warning.
  9. Looks heavily wet sanded to me. The biggest problem is not that layers of overpaint could have been sanded to reveal the cross but that there are absolutely no signs to me that the rest of the shell was sanded at all. I also can't see one single scratch that carries from the OD into the red or white anywhere. Considering the rust and wear on the rest of the helmet, I find that hard to dismiss. The paint looks like finely sanded enamel to me. Dave
  10. Be careful not to overly simplify this. Alkyd enamel paints are still readily available. Oil- based vs water-based test would be only a very basic, front-end, checkoff for me. And I can't imagine anyone who would mix up urethane to do pin striping or any other small job like helmet insignias unless out of pure necessity - hardly the mentality needed to pass muster IMO. It's similar to those patch guys who ask, "Does it glow?" when non-glowing thread is, in my experience, just as common as glowing thread - even in the average modern fabric store. The obvious glowing monofilament on post-war merrowed-edge patches is easy to see with the naked eye but that is a different topic. Unless someone is silly enough to fake helmet insignia with latex paint or catalyzed paint that would take decades to attempt to weather and age, I'm thinking the "modern" paints aren't really a threat. I'm getting one of these microscope thingies! Dave
  11. Pretty cool story. It's a curio thing and IMO of no real collector value - other than, again, a curio with a relation to airborne. It's like buying a purse made from USMC canvas with UNIS markings that was found on IWO. Pretty cool but not really for anyone but novel purse collectors. Left original, it would be greatly collectable. JMO, Dave
  12. Looks like crazing on the cross. I have had many hobbies, many involving painting. If you apply lacquer over enamel it can craze and does strange stuff. It’s one of the big no-nos to look for in older restorations. Could be a coincidence but still doesn’t look like the aging we have seen in other member’s pics. I would want to know where this kid came from. The seller and her husband appear to have been involved in the re-enactment community. Great job there for sure but often there is a different mentality between collectors and reenactors. Many crossovers and similarities but I have and do know some along with vehicle collectors and finishing an impression goes outside of what a collector would allow in his collection room. This type of helmet would not be something brought to such events for an “impression” - it would simply be too valuable to keep an eye on. My wife certainly knows when I lay down that kind of money so it should have some story. That and the bigger fact the only other place I have seen the numbered medic M-1s is from a known faker. If her husband collected such high end items we would likely have seen them on USMF from him, or from someone that wasn’t brand new to the site. No one has pointed a finger but these are most unlikely sounding circumstances and unfortunately have put the burden of proof on the sellers. The surrounding story here requires sympathy but the helmet in question requires history and closer inspection. Dave
  13. I'm not seeing much age once I look through the yellowing varnish and the chips that go all the way through? With recent microscope pics of old paint there was a distinctive blistering appearance along with crazing and shrinkage of the paint throughout. And these were 25yr newer paint jobs if authentic. To me this paint is smooth and flat with some chips and weathering on top, no natural color changes to the colors - just a top weathering wash. Sorry, just not seeing anything from the microscope "thingy" shots but thanks for posting those. BTW, this to me is a problem with studying together random modern paint, fakes, and authentic paint on helmets. We start appreciating the effects rather than the paint so that a all paint looks "pretty good" even though the paint looks completely different from other painted helmets. To me this painted helmet is a good example of that and has nothing in common, with respect to the paint, with the other recently discussed, more contemporary painted lids. No offense intended to Blacksmith but can I be the only one here?
  14. We are sorry to hear of your loss. These are honest opinions by honest collectors. You, Brian, or anyone not knowing the history, other than collection history, of an item does nothing to help or hurt your sale. It is expected in this community. When Brian is able to respond, I'd like to know where the pic was taken on his ebay home page - the one posted earlier here. If this medic helmet was the only one that wasn't plain from your husband's collection, it must have been from Brian's buying or from those he has dealt with. Curious to know. Dave
  15. Officer? I assume that was post war or family lore?
  16. We hit so many museums in Belgium - none in Bastogne - just in smaller towns on the way towards Luxembourg - hosted by a local friend. My point is after seeing literally dozens of weathered medic M-1s is dioramas in multiple museums I realized they aren't rare at all. They are all over the place. I guess many assume that one or two in the bunch must be real but I say no way. That's like the comment above about JK having a few nice, authentic, painted helmets. Would any of you buy from him again? "Yes some are fake but I promise this one is a real one." I mentioned a pig in a poke but the problem with these is you never get to open the bag and see whats inside. Beware. My above experience has made me completely indifferent about the museums in Normandy we were to visit this year. Even in pics I can tell there is a lot of fake stuff.
  17. Well done! I stumbled on a video of a USAAF gunner walking through some of his training - a personalized, narrated training film so common back then. It told who was assigned to release the raft upon ditching and showed them training off a dock. Great stuff! Dave
  18. No need to get personal. Of the nearly 8 billion people on the earth I feel confident that there are far better counterfeiters out there than JK. You can't prove a null so I don't expect that not knowing or naming a specific artist is somehow evidence that these are authentic. Without provenance, this is just swinging it and chest puffing. If it's worth a ton, buy it then prove its authentic. You can't - it's faith at best. I see dealers with the attitude of, "What? Is it authentic? Prove to me it isn't." Nope. You can't prove a majority of these so the prices should not be so outrageous. That should be reserved for the ones with solid provenance. That eBay seller photo is very telling to me.
  19. Several things stand out to me (naturally!) though I don't specifically collect helmets. One is the wear on the right side of the helmet - as if they were stacked together. It appears that wear does not continue onto the paint. Secondly, it appears to me that there is an "antique" looking wash over the top of the paint - blue headress, face, white star, all of it. Even where the blue headdress is chipped exposing the white there is that yellowed coating. Kinda looks like the whole thing was coated at some point? Has the interior been Armor All'd? It's in excellent shape for the rusty rim. I may be off by a mile and maybe its all in the lighting or maybe an original that was coated fro protection years ago but without provenance the value would be limited a speculation. The microscope thingy would help. JMO, Dave
  20. Thanks Allen. Dave Olathe
  21. Yes. I have one or two that came with the hooks and cloth belts and the color match isn't perfect. In, say, 1940 when a guy picked one of these up, did it come with a cloth belt or was it expected to be worn with the Sam Brown belt exclusively. The early officer book implies that IIRC. I always figured the cloth belts were picked up later when regs changed and that is what accounted for the slight mismatch in the gabardine color. Dave
  22. Guys, remember there were fakers who sold many more fakes than JK in the past. There are so many, that's why I feel confident NOT giving the benefit of the doubt to any seller. That lighting catch is a good one for sure. Doesn't always have to be about the paint. Almost sounds like a suggestion that the difference in manufacturer is a factor. IMO, nothing to do with the act of faking or stencils. Period painted helmets certainly weren't all from the same mfg nor would those coming from the fakers. Suggesting the manufacture stenciled them? I'm being Mr. Obvious, I know, but I guess I struggle to figure out the correlation between original manufacturer and a stencil used. I also agree, return it and file with eBay. There is no great snare coming later if we lie in wait. Best to stand strong with each helmet that pops up.
  23. Does browsing this sellers "other items", feedback, etc. help? Here's what I see: -His seller name is wwmilitaria. -6 whole feedback so either he's very "new" to the eBay game or is starting over with another account. -Of the 6 feedback comments all are Pokemon cards or some other non-militaria item and all are over 1 yr old. -One of his other current auctions appears to be a cadet cap with an officers badge attached. -His home page photo has a fantasy-looking 29th over medic cross painted M-1 in a pile with what appears to be other colorfully painted M-1s. Maybe he photographed the rarest pile of lids found in the world but to me it looks like a pile of fakes. -Medic helmets are arguably the most faked M-1s in the history of collecting. So common that now having other markings and numbers really sets them apart(maybe?). Before you get the requisite, "I like it" and "Maybe he found it in a barn and doesn't know", you have to decide, based on such objective evidence, where the seller is coming from and whether his completely stand-back description sells it. His honesty that "paint scratched slightly" is very transparent of him. Just nothing there. Its a pig in a poke but a very weak one to me. Obviously I made my decision, so it's your turn. D
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