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  1. It also appears that they missed coloring certain areas leaving the white. The reverse of the glider looks a little funky as well.
  2. The khaki base does look darker on the back than the front but that might be the lighting. The reverse photo looks darker so I lightened it up. It does look like some of the khaki is green especially in the area where the tab is separated from the patch.
  3. These Navy medals are usually beautifully hand engraved. These two don’t have the finesse and look rather stiff. The pictures look blurred on purpose to hide their lack of luster.
  4. The division was stationed in Wurzburg for many years. Perhaps this helmet is from that time
  5. I never heard of any radio mounted on a helmet in WW2. So what is strapped to his helmet? What is it called ? I can’t find anything on line.
  6. Awesome WWII training film. I really enjoyed it. I had a collection of training and propaganda films made by the Signal Corps that came from Colonel Robert Robb WW2 9th Infantry Div. G-2. One was about the hitting power of the M1 rifle, 30.Cal machine gun and the 50. Cal. MG. They had wood log dummies dressed as Germans with WW1 steel pots.
  7. After living in PA for 30 years I think that dampness got to it over the years. Very nice piece.
  8. I thought Philippines as well. Excellent family heirloom.
  9. Thanks for posting about your visit. Looks like a first class display to say the least.
  10. I took the liberty to help other guys like me to get an easier look at the marks. What do the numbers mean? Any pertinent history that might come with them? These are wonderful wings thanks for posting them.
  11. I love this group. The ribbon bars are great as is the baseball cap. He might have flown costal patrols before and during the war. Would anti submarine patrols qualify you for the Air Medal? If so one of his Air Medals could be from WW2?
  12. What country was the textile made in? Very nice group.
  13. Soldering a ring is quite different that a pronounced depression in the mold that would be automatically repeated. I don’t know anything about this medal but I’m trying to figure out what a real one looks like.
  14. What is that depression to the left of the cows head? This one is from Bobgee’s collection. This is the only medal shown with a defined depression.
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