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  1. A PTO gearbox with the drum pulley attached...the PTO drive was attached to the transfer case, and the two PTO units connected by a PTO shaft... just admiring all the jeeps when I saw that...
  2. way cool! I would leave it sealed, even spoiled...having said that...the money is in the accessory packs
  3. now there is a piece of history you do not see everyday...and in excellent condition...congrats
  4. I think your going to get a lot of options...there were so many variations.....but when I hear 5th AF fighter pilot.. I think of these two guys...and Lindy (tall guy with the B-8 goggles) too Khakis, A-9 or A-8, B-3 life preserver...AN-6530 goggles
  5. https://amcmuseum.org/at-the-museum/exhibits/clark-airborne-ca-1-tractor/ this one was donated, IIRC, by a gentleman from NJ, to the AMC museum...Only one I have seen locally
  6. well...I hope someone got lucky...looks to be some good items...
  7. Thanks for the information QM and spec 6...I can see how the adapters were used in the mountain tent...I have only seen the first set of poles used with the mountain tent...there seems to be a fair amount of traffic on the internet about the adapters...not a common item but they pop up from time to time... thanks for setting me straight J
  8. From Olive drab web site In the late 1960s (Vietnam War era) an adaptor kit was issued. Instead of one pole (3 sections) in the middle of each end, the adaptor allowed an A-frame to be made of two poles (6 sections plus the adaptor) on each end. That got the pole out of the middle and allowed it to lie along the diagonal edge line of the roof. It was something more to carry but made the tent more roomy and usable plus easier to get out of in a hurry. I could see how the adapter could also be used with the arctic tent also...my arctic tent was missing the poles so I used 4 shelter half poles to make one pole for the arctic tent.....but several sites state the adapter was primarily used for the pup tent...
  9. I love the pup tent, but hate the poles in the middle...I have found ways to eliminate the use of the issue poles..... apparently there is an adapter that came out during the VN war that eliminates the center pole design ...does anyone have a set? I know this should be in the wanted section...but figured it would also be instructional for those of us who never heard of such a creature... looks like two poles hinged...easy enough to make...but would like an issue set..
  10. you would have to research when the order number was awarded...I am not sure if anyone has compiled a list of order numbers for the A-4.... great find...nice A-4
  11. Hurricane madness.. Something thrown together while the storm passed...
  12. Found a few of these at the local Army Navy...with a contract date of 1972... never seen em before, assuming they are for MP use... the ammo box is full of black climbing spikes...no markings on em
  13. The color leads me to think it goes on the Czech M17 clone...
  14. Hey Doc, here is a poor shot of the B-50 seat...but notice the black bracket on the seat pan...and the armrest supports...
  15. Opus, Here are the seats from the KC-97 at the AMC museum, form their website...judging from the headrest brackets and armrests, it is likely your seat shares the same PN and could have came from C-97/KC-97 Nice seat..the cushion is cool
  16. Thanks Chris! The seat pan tilts too...kinda cool...
  17. and warm up the rubber in the sun for a bit, just a bit...all the above are great ...unscrewing the earphones works very well..
  18. 1967 serviceable tag on a Sikorsky USN seat...has been in storage for 30 years or so...and was very happy to bring it home..I found pics of an USAF HH3 in the museum showing this seat, but having Navy data plate, I am assuming it to be from a Sea King...has the vertical adjustment and track lock adjustment...needs the inertial reel assy and the straps, which I might still have a set...inertial reel might be a midnight raid at the ISO hanger on base...they throw away the old straps every major ISO inspection...the reel with cable might be hard to get
  19. not a spam can bag, but USAF survival kit sleeping bag 1960s era...unopened and one that came out of a kit...Down not feather filled,, very warm good with long johns to about 20 degrees..green nylon shell with white nylon inner, reversible..
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