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Incredible images of Sampson Medals. I think this medal has the most beautiful engagement bars. 

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USS Detroit Sampson Medal and Roosevelt Medal, aka Panama Canal Medal, to Carpenter's Mate 3c. James D. Smith.  The Roosevelt Medal  was issued as a result of an Executive Order dated June 23, 1907, by President Theodore Roosevelt. It recognizes service by American citizens on the Panama Canal project who completed at least 2 years of satisfactory continuous service with the Canal construction force, including the Panama Railroad Company between May 4, 1904 and December 31, 1914. For each additional 2 years of service the holder was awarded a service bar. Artist F. D. Millet, who died in the sinking of the SS Titanic, designed the medal. It was struck in bronze at the United States Mint, Philadelphia, Pa. from dies prepared by Victor D. Brenner of New York City. Brenner was the designer of the Lincoln Cent. The recipient's last name and initials appear on the front side, below Roosevelt.

James D. Smith, born August 18, 1871, Tawnybrake, Antrim County, (Northern) Ireland; died (sometime after 1921, probably NJ or NY.  Medals came from NJ). Smith emigrated to the United States by rail from Canada in October 1893, living first in Buffalo and later, New York City.  The 1900 Census shows him as a Carpenters Mate 3c on USS Monangahela.  He became a naturalized U.S. citizen on July 5, 1899 and filed for his Navy pension on 1/28/1921 from New Jersey.  Photo is from a passport application to travel to Spain on business, ca 1915. 


Smith 1.jpg

Smith 2.jpg

Smith 3a.jpg

Smith 4.jpg

Smith 3.jpg

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1 hour ago, jmpmstr said:

John Emoe USS Massachusetts 

Span Am

Philippine Insurrection

China Relief









Spectacular group, just amazing, well done!!!

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Hi everyone,

I listed this in another thread this morning and think it might be better here. This cased Sampson Medal is named to Private Richard B Bell Co B. 1st Marine Battallion, the paper in a envelope with the information printed on it. I have found a little information on Bell so far. If anyone can add anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,













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Private James McColgan of Holyoke, Massachusetts gave his life in the battle for Guantanamo Bay serving with Co. D of Huntington's Battalion.  In an attack on the marine outposts on June 11, 1898, Privates Dumphy and McColgan of Company D were both killed. The bodies were first mistakenly reported mutilated. It was hard to tell the two apart, for both men had received a number of bullet wounds to the face; McColgan suffered twenty-one shots to the head and Dumphy fifteen. Soon the enemy made five small separate attacks on the marines' camp. All of these were repulsed. At about 1 a.m. a superior number of Spanish forces made a more combined attack. In this assault Assistant Surgeon Gibbs was killed by a bullet to the head. Sporadic firing back and forth continued throughout the night. Using a lesson learned from the Cubans, the enemy was making good use of camouflage by covering their bodies with leaves and foliage from the jungle. Private James McColgan of Holyoke, Massachusetts was buried by his comrades at Camp McCalla. He was among the first Marines to lose his life in the battle for Guantanamo.

McColgan cover.jpg





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1 hour ago, Hmsbrinmaric said:

Mine came out of Georgia, I’ve known Steve D most of my life.

Since 1985 for me  - So more than 1/2 my life - great guy who gave a lot of good advice 



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