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Jack's Son

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Recently, another fine Sampson Medal showed up on the forum. Now.......lets see them all!!


Please add a picture or two of your favorite Medal or Grouping, along with the link to the thread that goes into the further detailed pictures and records.


Lets bring these beautiful Medals together in one long-lasting thread!!



Lieutenant Daniel Duncan







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Hello all,


Truly impressive posts, I've been really enjoying this thread and hope more posts will follow. Per JS's invite I'm adding my small USS Texas group here, thanks again for asking!


Best wishes,




Thomas V. Woolvertt, Coal Passer - USS Texas



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Here is my contribution A Sampson medal belonging to Chief Gunners Mate James W. Fischer who served on the Gunboat USS Bancroft During the Spanish American war and his Jan 3rd 1890 dated GCM. He received his Sampson medal in 1907. Chief Fischer served continuously 1883-1913 and then again 1917-1919 for recruiting duty. I have a copy of his extensive and quite colorful military records. He was a tough as nails German immigrant and served a good number of years as an instructor at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.













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You've been holding out on us! I don't believe you have shown these before!! :thumbsup:


No, regretabley, I haven't posted these in the past.


I just got a new shiney camera, that allows me to take some up close pics, so that motivated me to document some of these.


This is a great thread. I think we should do one for Dewey Medal's too?

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History Man
USMC MOH Recipient. My first and only Sampson Medal. Does anyone on this thread collect these? I know another forum member posted a USN named MOH recipient medal a while back. Anyone ever seen another USMC MOH recipient Sampson Medal before? Apparently there were only 15 Marines to be awarded the MOH from the Spanish American War. I'm curious to know if there are any others currently floating around...


Thanks much!


Very nice Sampson medal, I cant imagine too many of these floating around!



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Group to Gunner's Mate Anton Valent, USS San Francisco. Valent was awarded the Treasury Silver Lifesaving in 1907 for attempting to save another sailor, Matthew A. Hart, from drowning. Below is Hart's USS Massachusetts Sampson Medal.


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Henry M. Brennan, USS Iowa. I owned the Good Conduct Medal for more than 15 years before the Sampson came up for sale and I was able to reunite the pair.


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