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  1. Semper Fi Mac by Henry Berry Gyrene by Wilbur D Jones Bill
  2. When I Googled it it shows as "Permanently Closed" Bill
  3. It could give you a starting point for further ID - The SWSM and Philippine Rolls are huge so The Cuban OCC and the CRE would be the smaller of the 4 - I would also look at a state that does not give state medals since none are included - The eliminates NY & Penn. Bill
  4. Tough One - The SWSM & Cuban Occ is a Fairly common combination - a few regiments from the Mass. Guard got to Cuba late and were entitled to the SWSM and Cuban Occ - The Philippine - Boxer pair could be to the 9th or 14th Infantry - Lack of a Mex Border or Mex Campaign makes me think he was Regular Army in 1914 - 1916 (Not everyone went to Mexico) and the WWI Victory Bar Combo makes me think 28th Division - Possibly not an Officer but maybe a Senior NCO - I think if you can cross reference the Cuban Occupation Rolls with the China Rolls you may have a hit. Looking at the way this bar is constructed it matches to a set made by George Studley in the 1930's and with the Veteran Organization medals which would not have been allowed if he wore this on active duty, However a note of caution is that if this was made for a vet - it is possible that there may have been embellishment Bill
  5. No. 7560 Albert A Taubert (Marine Corps Museum Collection) Bill
  6. Mexico Service No. 5021 issued to Sgt Alonzo P Sherrell - Company C - 7th Field Signal Bn. Bill
  7. Mark, I have extracted these medal numbers and the date of ebay sale - These medals are mostly unattributed (unless noted) - No 283 Sold 9/19/19 No 477 Sold 11/17/17 No 628 Sold 3/4/13 No 1106 Sold 1/1/17 No 1468 Sold 4/14/07 No 2453 Sold 2/21/19 Arthur Davidson No 2494 Sold 3/20/19 No 2510 Sold 7/20/19 No 2555 Sold 11/12/08 No 3323 Sold 12/17/13 No 3411 Sold 11/11/16 No 3473 Sold 11/20/14 No 3503 Sold 7/6/13 No 3549 Sold 2/7/19 No 3804 Sold 4/15/17 No 5152 Sold 1/19/20 No 5754 Sold 12/21/19 No 6179 Sold 2/18/08 No 6472 Sold 3/19/17 No 6517 Sold 10/1/17 No 6847 Sold 9/25/17 No 6913 Sold 7/29/19 No 7371 Sold 10/10/19 No 7671 Sold 8/15/17 No 8001 Sold 12/17/16 No 8301 Sold1/20/19 No 8447 Sold 3/24/11 No 8534 Sold 5/3/19 No 9515 Sold 2/24/19 No 9965 Sold 8/10/19 Bill
  8. WOW "General Gaynor" I have not heard that name in 30+ years!! Bill
  9. I went to a local show in Orlando about 3 years ago and ran into a dealer friend that I had known for 30 years and he had a small Marine Corps Group on his table at a reasonable price - when I looked at the reverse of the Good Conduct Medal it was engraved to "LeRoy Ferguson" - For years I used to listen to my Father's Sea Stories when he was in the Marine Corps in the early 1950's and he used to mention a M/Sgt Ferguson who took a Fatherly interest in my then 18 year old Father - I quickly checked the Marine Corps Muster Rolls on Ancestry and confirmed that LeRoy Ferguson was the same guy - I bought the medals and later that day I stopped by my parents house and my Father ad an opportunity to hold M/Sgt Fergusons medals before he (my Dad) passed away in 2017. Bill
  10. Tough to find unit info on a WIA without contacting St. Louis - I have gotten lucky 1 out of 10 to find something online That is why I usually steer clear of WIA PH's Good Luck Bill
  11. Funny you should talk about Animal Kingdom - In 2000 I was a Junior Construction Project Manager doing post opening projects at DAK - One of mine was the conversion of a 1968 US Army Water Trailer to a Themed Drinking Fountain at the Entrance to the Safari Ride - The Props were bought by "Artists" from Walt Disney Imagineering - A lot of it came from California - In those days Field Gear could be bought pretty cheaply but I thought that it was overdone with props - Memories!! Bill
  12. You may want to get rid of the foam backing as it will leave residue/stains on your artifacts that they come in contact with. Nice display to preserve Bill
  13. Nice Pair - The NY CSC is often underrated!! Bill
  14. I met Bob at the 1992 OMSA Convention - I tried to strike up conversation but he ignored me - Until Jeff Floyd (OMSA President) during the banquet which commented the 50th Anniversary of the Marines Landing on Guadalcanal asked the all former Marines stand up - I did - later Bob said to me "I didn't know you were a Marine"!! - After that we became good friends both in person and on the forum - I saw him last at the Jacksonville OMSA Convention - That Convention was the last one I attended and a few of the friends I made in OMSA it was the last time I saw them like Mel Mueller, Bob, and others. Enjoy the company of your Friends - It does not last forever RIP Bob Bill
  15. Other websites and Al Gleim's DSC book has him listed as "Marinelli" The website may have a typo Bill
  16. Your inbox is full - I wanted to contact you about additional numbers for this list Thanks Bill
  17. USMCR79

    Bill Wise

    Bill was a Great Guy - Always looked forward to the "Soldiers Trunk" auctions - it was the place for a lot of "Hidden Treasures" RIP Bill
  18. Name:Jack W Johnson Muster Date:Jan 1946 Rank:Sergeant Station:Ordnance Company, Supply And Maintenance Battalion, 7Th Ser Regt, Ser Command, Fmf, Pacific.
  19. Sounds like a very complete group Bill
  20. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/143826194 I think this is your guy Bill
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