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  1. It is the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.
  2. I also have one of these bells. Is there a date on the box? I placed mine as WW II so hoping the box may be able to confirm.
  3. You may want to include comments for 1475 John Thomas Kelly. He was US Navy (Chief Pharmacist Mate and later Lieutenant Hospital Corps)
  4. Here are some more of My GCMs 1114......William McIntosh 3111.......George D. Bontron 7850.......James W. Kuhns 9729........Axel G.E. Piltz 9951........Howard Wilson 15690.... William J. Michel 30493......Bernard Neal Dyer
  5. Soochow Creek and Yangtze Barrier Medal pair named to Gail Lawrence Harp, Gunners Mate onboard the USS Oahu. He went on to become a Chief Gunners Mate and served through Korea.
  6. My M1 helmet with heat stamp 866B has this chin strap that does not look like any other I can find. Can anyone identify this style.
  7. # 1 is a Captain. #2 is a Commander with what looks to be a Command at Sea Badge. #3 Is a Commander or Captain with what looks to be a Diving Officer Badge.
  8. I seem to recall some where it was discussed when Spanish American War Veterans were allowed to join the Farragut Veterans Association. Does anyone here know of the reference for this? My badge belonged to Landsman Otto F Jentz of the USS Brooklyn.
  9. I have had this medal for awhile and have no idea what it is for. Was thinking it may have been a GAR navy membership but don't know. Any ideas?
  10. This is an outstanding group! As I also collect New York Naval Militia this is really special to me. The Yankee Sampson should be a Phase II.
  11. Reinhold F. Schulze Bandmaster on the USS New York.
  12. Here are a few more from my collection" 2285 Charles Palmer 15686 John Moore 54543 Thomas Henry McCown 91838 John Vincent Donlay
  13. Has anyone noted this style of engraving on a WWI GCM. The Rim is stamped No. 22487.
  14. I would certainly be interested in these if you would rather not put on ebay and pay the fees.
  15. I just noticed this. Here are a few more Tennessee Medals.
  16. Does anyone know what this may be? Merchant?
  17. Can # 344 be traced? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  18. Is Philippine Congressional Medal No. 8832 traceable? Thanks in advance.
  19. Westport Auctions Westport Conn. They auctioned off all of his belongings. Check the past auctions for details.
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