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First Aid Kits


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In this new installment, and for those interested in specific subjects, there is a 52-page chapter on first aid kits. Here are some samplings of what is covered. it includes background information using specifications and other technical data on their genealogy and evolution.  I have these books in stock and ready to ship! PM me to get your copy!





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Can't wait for it to arrive! (I am certainly one waiting for that med kit info ;)


That frying pan insert looks so clean, can't believe the ointment didn't burst..



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My dad was a paratrooper medic during vietnam.  He was able to bring his whole med kit back that went between his legs when he would jump.  It's full of all kinds of goodies.  When I was a kid, I would open it up and steel the Ammonia Capsules and take them to school to dare kids to smell them.....lol


Dustin, thanks for sharing, iI might have to pick one of your books up.



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