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  1. Years ago, BC, (before computers), I saw a yard long photo of a WW1 USMC machinegun unit and everyone was wearing half of an M1917 suspender with a pistol belt in the Sam Brown belt fashion. Does anyone have a WW1 era photo like that to share? I put this belt together to demonstrate what I'm talking about.
  2. With the USN marking and a Navy contract number it's, well, navy.
  3. Having a late date of 1945 it's probably an unfinished cover due to the cancellation of contracts. Sold as surplus and later fitted with a shoulder strap for camping use.
  4. Your flag was already identified in the afore shown publication.
  5. The BA-208/U was used with several different pieces of test equipment.
  6. This belt has been discussed before, long ago, and was determined to be not a US military item of issue. But I don't recall what it was for.
  7. Unresearched flea market find about 30 years ago. Named to C.A.C. Tolman 57th US Infantry.
  8. Here's some that haven't been shown yet. All are WW2.
  9. First time I've seen it too. Who made them? I assume RIA made the one on the left and a subcontractor the set on the right?
  10. I have one like the OP's. And no, I don't know what it's for either.
  11. I have one on a 1930's Army uniform, and now this one turns up the flea market. What is it?
  12. I'm saddened to report that Bill Wingett passed away yesterday at age 98. I will truly miss him.
  13. I wasn't planning on this post to focus on the M1 Wheeled Machinegun Mount. But since you asked....
  14. Got this at a local auction a few years ago. But recently a photo was brought to my attention of a group of 40th ID soldiers crowded around an M1A1 Wheeled Machinegun Mount who are all wearing the very same style helmets. That machinegun cart was adopted in 1932, so the photo is circa mid-1930's.
  15. That old post was back in '07, and I started it with the same question that I asked today. Getting forgetful I'm afraid.
  16. So which is It? Real or otherwise?
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