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  1. Great information about this boxes. Thank`s for posting.
  2. Great information, know only the SE11, never heard about the other two
  3. Oh, what a great presentation. Years ago I had a Corpsman bolo, too, but sold it because I need money. Some chance gone during the years.
  4. Great display, and a great idea I will use for myself. Thank you.
  5. Great display, from a not well known part of the war
  6. Looks great, too. With the coat of arms at the left. Great idea!
  7. Looks great. There is a new Osprey book dealing with Panzerfaust against M4 Sherman, the added armor plate protection of the Sherman is part in this book.
  8. Looks great, you couldn`t deny your german roots - Heeresbergführer
  9. Ah, the next interesting dio. Remember the Hillersleben Dio.
  10. Thank`s for posting, very interesting.
  11. Great! Another item I didn`t know about.
  12. Great information, thank you. My interest is the 330 Regiment.
  13. I agree with kfields. Museums have more than 70% in storage. There are ones - I know what I say - who get the items as a gift, family thought they will honor them, and then the items where sold at the museum like a flea market. Other ones had them on display, but sold the original ones and replace them with fakes. Think this is not only a problem in Europe. But I will talk about the other side - the side of the collector. Know some who get full picture albums as a gift beside an item, and sold them pic by pic on ebay which means destroying history.
  14. Great collection, like collections with a background of the items.
  15. Nice collection and a great mannequin
  16. Great display, congratulation. Think you had other backgrounds with the uniforms, but remembering the lady is great.
  17. Great idea, well done! Think it will work with collar discs, too. Thank`s for showing.
  18. Like the Krag, a great rifle in very good condition.
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