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Shallow storage boxes?


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Hey guys. I've been searching for a while for a storage solution for flat things I want to keep flat (maps, paperwork, etc)


Ideally I would use a flat file blueprint cabinet but that is too heavy for where I live.

Are there any very shallow storage options out there? Seems like there isn't anything very shallow as far as plastic containers go (which would be ideal)


Appreciate any input. Thanks!

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How big are your paper items. Are they standard that theyd fit in a standard file folder?

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Old Crow 1986

Archival Folio Boxes? I've got a couple for my paper ephemera, rather pleased with them.


From Amazon...



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T Ambrosini

The archival storage boxes are what they use at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's archive. They can be found in sizes large enough for newspaper storage.

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I was thinking you could also try those rigid cardboard mailers. I think they make them as large as 13"x18". Cheap to buy and barely take up any space. But then I'm not sure they make them acid-free...


For my original documents, I use clear archival sleeve protectors and put them in a 3 ring binder. I think they make rigid ones too.

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