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  1. Stupid question, but is there a correct way that the E Tool is supposed to go into the plastic carrying case? (handle towards front flap or shovel head towards front flap) Just curious. Thanks
  2. Was there a case made specifically for the Trench gun? If not, what cases were used by the military?
  3. Thanks. It also says "phosphorus" instead of "phosphorescent" which is strange. Can't find any examples that they make a specific military and commercial version
  4. Just bought a used Cammenga Phosphorus compassions for $15. Honestly didn't look closely at the photos and assumed it was the Model 27. However, it does not say Model 27. Photo attached of what it looks like. What are the differences between these two compasses?
  5. Just curious how/where the WWII shotgun pouch was attached, especially when used with a trench gun. Can't find any photos. Thanks
  6. Just bought two new old stock Woodland Camo Poncho Liners (Liner, Wet Weather Poncho) to use for camping blankets. I was just curious if these are treated with any kind of chemical or if they are just nylon/poly. I know the military treated some things with anti-mildew or other chemicals. Thanks!
  7. I have a few old holsters that really need to be treated. What is the safest way to do this? Looking ideally for something natural and maybe traditional (how soldiers may have treated their holsters in WWII) Would neatsfoot oil be a good option? Open to any input. Thanks!
  8. Wow. Where did you get one for $20?
  9. What model/manufacturer are the standard issue ones?
  10. I want to invest in a really good compass. That might be vague, but I want to keep the options open. I have a few I like, but really I am just interested in the most reliable, durable, US Military compass you can buy. Thanks for any input!
  11. Thanks so much for the reply Dave! That all makes very good sense. And it is a tough line between preserving and enjoying. The things I have that just sit in boxes bring no joy to anybody, so I am definitely in the camp of trying to display what I can, as safely as I can. Unfortunately I don't have any rooms without windows that can work for display, but I will do the best I can with the room I have! Honestly, with flags, I am more willing to have them in direct sunlight and hanging properly, than folded or rolled in a box where even worse damage could occur. (It's nearly impossible to properly store a large flag)
  12. What effect does indirect sunlight have on fabric colors? I want to display a military flag in a room that gets indirect sunlight (through closed shades) but never direct sunlight on objects.
  13. Thanks guys! Were any the Navy guns (after the early marked ones were done) marked in any other way to denote they were for the Navy? Like just some kind of label/sticker/stenciling etc? Curious if there were any guns (on ships or somewhere else maybe) that would have been marked as Navy (even though they were Army marked guns) Thanks!
  14. Just curious how often the 1911 was carried by the US Navy in the past. And if it was, were they "US Army" marked guns that were just Navy contracts, or were there any US Navy marked 1911s? And were US Army marked 1911s every counter-marked with us navy labels? Would love to see any examples of this. Working on a project and just curious. Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much for the ideas guys!
  16. Hey guys. I've been searching for a while for a storage solution for flat things I want to keep flat (maps, paperwork, etc) Ideally I would use a flat file blueprint cabinet but that is too heavy for where I live. Are there any very shallow storage options out there? Seems like there isn't anything very shallow as far as plastic containers go (which would be ideal) Appreciate any input. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, Over the years I have seen write-ups on the "red crackle" zippo and how it was used by tank crews to see easier. Just curious if this is true. Is there any evidence out there backing this up? Any other history on red zippos? Thanks!
  18. I find myself accumulation more medals and smalls recently. I've never loved those glass top riker cases, but they seem like they may be the easiest way to display and store these smalls. With the glass pressing up against objects, will these cause damage to collectibles? Also, the fill in these boxes is polyester. Is that harmful? Just doesn't seem archival. I have one of these from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R4EW5DA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks for any info!
  19. Thanks so much guys! You were right, it was a lot easier than I thought, which I'm very happy about. Actually used a piece of tape to pull up on the sticker, and then then slowly peeled it off. Doesn't look there is any residue or anything. Very happy! I have had bad experiences in the past. Thanks again
  20. Sorry, thought I put the info in the original post and it won't let me edit it. Wood box. Sticker is over original Rock Island Arsenal stamp. Here is a photo
  21. Hi guys. Found a really cool small WWI box at the flea market today. It has some awesome markings on it, however, there is a sticker from an auction or something on the box. I really want to remove the sticker without leaving residue or using cleaners like vinegar or goo gone and removing the patina. Is there any safe way to do this? Would using a hair dryer work and is that safe? Or is my only option to rip the sticker off and deal with the stain it leaves. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  22. Hi guys. I have a few US Government Chelsea deck clocks. I don't like the look of the wood displays that Chelsea currently sells. Also looking for something much cheaper. I would really like a very simple clear acrylic or black plastic option. Anybody have any suggestions? Having a hard time finding anything. Thanks!
  23. Normal is at about 46%. Goes up to about 48/49% for maybe 10 minutes
  24. I do have a fan in the bathroom. Hygrometer seems to show humidity goes up a couple of percent outside the door after taking a shower. Is that enough to worry about once a day maximum? Goes back to normal humidity after a few minutes
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