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    "White" USN khakis?

    Service dress blue, service dress white, service dress gray, service dress khaki, and tropical dress white (?) all in one photo. All that's missing is a pilot in aviation green!
  2. The helmet was made in the UK using a British/Canadian liner for Canadian OPFOR (by today's terms) troops.
  3. All 5 colors: Khaki, White Gray, Green, Blue
  4. Here's a dirty faded gray (left) with an aviation green (right) I own.
  5. In WW2, USN officer combination caps had interchangeable covers; Dress white, winter navy, Aviation Green, working khaki, and working grey. That one looks like faded grey and not green to me.
  6. I PM'd you my thoughts, I'd say $350-500 tops.
  7. The 10 bidders that have it up to $475 must think it's ok.
  8. If you can get it cheap, I would pick it up.
  9. Later lid than the navy one you posted, looks like it's had a few layers of paint on it over the years.
  10. FS/FB navy lid with a Hawley liner, named to a radioman too.
  11. I'd try to research the name and ASN inside once it's in hand.
  12. Thanks! I decided that if I assume the bales were broken off in wartime service, it's a war-damaged shell and I should just leave it alone. It's an assumption I can't prove though!
  13. Yep, beats out my largest cap by 1/8 (9 3/4). Incidentally, hat size is circumference divided by Pi, so 9 7/8 is about 31" around.
  14. New production rifle but based on a 1954 design.
  15. We wore liners by themselves in basic training (Ft Dix, 1990) but they were all plain OD with a strip of tape on the rear with your last name written on it.
  16. Could have been used on a ship, a lot of shells and liners got coats of navy paint for over 50 years.
  17. A few basics on M1 helmets for you Neil. The shell is generally described in 2 terms, by the location of the seam on the rim (FS for Front Seam, RS for Rear Seam). The seam moved from front to rear during production in WW2 so FS shells are earlier (1941-43). The second describes the bales/bails/loops that the chinstraps are sewn to, either non-moving fixed bail (FB) or swivel bail (SB), so a FS/FB is an early Front Seam/Fixed Bail. Hope that helps!
  18. I haven't see that before, but wonder if the USMC wasn't added at a location where soldiers and Marines frequented the same training areas (like Oahu) so if it was lost, it could be identified as USMC property.
  19. The P55 liner that came with it, one strap repaired and repro sweatband (ATF $6.99) and liner strap (ATF $14.99) installed.
  20. Here's the end result with a repro liner strap and net installed.
  21. And I think that's totally fair (as I suggested several posts ago), best of luck in the sale, looks like it will do will!
  22. As someone who has sold 100% original items on eBay only to have them returned for "not appearing authentic", I totally understand the 'no returns' policy. Basically it comes down to, 'if you aren't sure, don't bid', or as has been stated on here a million times, caveat emptor.
  23. Are there lots of eBay sellers that will give you a "guarantee of originality" on a painted WW2 steel pot? Or, as I suggested, the seller is not a dealer or a painted M1 expert and doesn't know with 100% certainty that it is absolutely 100% correct because she didn't get it directly from the veteran (with a COA) and doesn't have a photo of him holding it in Germany in 1945 (which seems to be the bar we've set here), and is selling it "as is".
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