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Leather treatment A11


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Yea ... Unfortunately its like discussing cleaning sterling wings. Or cleaning or trying to preserve or enhance any old item.

Its a mine field. I would do a search on the forum here because its been hashed out.

Heres a couple....











Some people are against it some people are for it...

Its yours.. you have to decide.

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Thanks for those links Rooster.

Those lead to other links.

It was quite the read and as you said



"Some people are against it some people are for it...

Its yours.. you have to decide."

That is exactly what I got out of it.

Still sitting on the fence with that one. I have a A-11 and I'll just keep it as is and in a stable environment for now.

Semper Fi


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You're welcome gang. I had an A11 I wanted to condition.

So i bought a jar of pure lanolin.. Its not greasy like petroleum jelly.

But its super thick and STICKY. I used it on an old leather chin strap and it darkens the leather. If you heat it with a blow dryer

it sinks in and is not so sticky. It would probably be best used thinned down and heat applied to make it sink in... And then top coated with kiwi or something.... BUt That might not work???

BUT... I NEVER DID PUT IT ON MY A11. Its too sticky. And it would get on the lining and if you put it in a M3 for instanace

the stuff would get on the inside of the M3 and all over goggles you might put on it... And its the only thing recommended for leather that I found.


I bought the Lanolin after reading up those links etc etc and people mentioning lanolin..... So I bought some to see for myself....


I reasoned that it would basically make a sticky mess out my Flight helmet.

And I never used it.



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That decision has been made. In a controlled environment whit it's new friends. Thanks fellas

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