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  1. WOW great! The sword is a beauty. Hope you can get an ID on the sword maker. Funny about that one blemish on the blade. Also, I'd love to know what the case was for. My Dad brought back a nice officers sword from the Pacific but sold it while I was off to school. I always cringe when I see photos of those boat loads of Japanese guns and swords being dumped into Tokyo Bay post war.
  2. No need to be embarrassed. You are researching by checking things out here. That's what I always do. Sure, there are also books and such.
  3. I love those knives but I thought they went for considerably less than $400.
  4. Great to have you here Mark. What are your interests?
  5. I like that look - and you got a scabbard. Where did you get it, a shop, an individual, eBay?
  6. Factory made or soldier made aside, it's very nice looking. Clearly though not a military finish.
  7. Boy, with a scabbard you'd usually see a several hundred dollar price tag on that one in my neighborhood. Is the scabbard pretty much intact? Are there any nicks on the blade?
  8. I believe the words "Iron Proof" were used primarily, if not exclusively, by German Makers. I would have been happy as a clam to pick that up for $60.
  9. I'm no expert but it looks like a German import with a replaced grip cover. Still a legit M 1850 though. How much were they asking?
  10. Great find. I've always been amazed at how helpful the members here are.
  11. Great group. A man to be proud of. My father-in-law was in the Navy and witnessed the Bikini detonations. My father was in the Army from '42 to '46 and traveled right through Hiroshima while on occupation duty. My father-in-law entered service about a week after Japan's surrender and was happy to talk about his time in the Navy. Like your Grandfather, my father would not talk about the war until his last years and only if asked. I have often wondered how people like my dad got through life after witnessing what they did.
  12. Great photo. How did you narrow it down to early 1880's?
  13. I'll hope for the best and for no loss of life. As an aside, what is the ship in the foreground of the second photo?
  14. Amazing. What a piece of history. Sadly, I see all B-17 crew members were KIA.
  15. Very nice. What would they have shot at it?
  16. Right back at ya. What year (about) would the photo with the Blue Angles flying Phantoms?
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