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  1. Looks like TCB beat me to it while I was finger picking typing.. LOL!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  2. Ok, This is from C.G. Sweetings book. "Combat Flying Clothing" "In 1943 shearling clothing similar to the AAF issue was standardized for use by both Army and Navy and then placed into production an example is the winter flying jacket, spec AN-J-4. Sometimes marked AN6553 or 6553-AN-J4. ........... It was worn with the AN-T-35 shearling trousers" I hope that help and those are a cool set you picked up. Semper Fi Phil
  3. That's a nice one Hack. I would have put a "LIKE" on it, but I used all mine for today on this thread!!! Semper Fi Phil
  4. Now that is a nice grip panel for that 45. Looks awesome! Semper Fi Phil
  5. Thanks Brian and as to the rumor. I'll hit the I believe button on that !!!! Semper Fi Phil
  6. Great job, Those look very appealing to the eye's. Eye Candy!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  7. Thanks Allen, So just a 29 mission crusher!! Semper Fi Phil
  8. Excellent info Give Gent's. Thumbs Up!!! Not sure if this is an official "Crusher" or just a normal officer visor in wear. This is Lt Bedsole. Was KIA on 13 April 1944 on the 384th BG mission to Schweinfurt. 6 out of 7 B-17's of the 545th were lost that mission His name is listed on that post I make very April 13th to honor those who lost their lives that day. Would love to have that A-2 with 545thBS patch in my collection. My Holy Grail!!! Semper Fi Phil
  9. Hello Dennis, I just now saw your original post and I'm very happy for you getting these. Great job on the research. Semper Fi Phil
  10. Great dedication to a wonderful woman. I missed this thread and I'm glad you brought it back up. Those ladies were something Special. Semper Fi Phil
  11. Excellent. My Great Aunt was a WAC in the CBI attached to the AAF. Semper Fi Phil
  12. Maybe the 1922 is .22 since the Stoeger lugers are .22Lr. and the stamp says STOEGER LUGER. Semper Fi Phil
  13. Great find! And thank you for that lesson on Mr. Gatty. Semper Fi Phil
  14. Sharing this again since it tis the season. I thought I would share the 1943 V mail my Uncle Joe sent to his mother when he was stationed in England while attached to the US 8th Air Force, 384th Bomb Group, 545th Bomb Squadron , Station 106 in Grafton Underwood. I I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas!! Semper Fi Phil
  15. I missed this the first couple times around. Great story behind the item's. It is my first time seeing WARD wings. Thanks for sharing these. Awesome job of keeping their memories alive. Semper Fi Phil
  16. Thanks to your kindness Sir!! Semper Fi Phil
  17. Hello All, I just wanted to say Thank You to Mr.Jerry for the buttons. They arrived several days ago, But I needed to get some button split pins to mount them. Well they showed up in todays mail and I took to it immediately. I am going to change Annie over from her Green wools display to tropical when the new year comes around to change it up for 2021!! Thank you again! Semper Fi Phil
  18. BBG, I know I already said how much I liked your Cav collection, But I kept coming back to that Schofield. That is a beautiful example you have!!! Semper Fi Phil
  19. Hey Garandy, Maybe post it in the WINGS section and see if you can get the answer you seek. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/604-wing-badges/ Semper Fi Phil
  20. A BIG THUMBS up for that 8th AF B-13. That's a beautiful bullion patch. If it's 8th, I love it! That is a fantastic display. Semper Fi Phil
  21. A great looking jacket and a nice size. It is shame that the patches were pulled. They tell it's history. It looks like you have a very nice collection covering different Air Force's Semper Fi Phil
  22. I'll also chime in and say that they look to be the same Man. Semper Fi Phil
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