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What are the Rarest WWII USMC Patches


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The initial question was regarding the rarest of the USMC patches. Based on 40 years of collecting USMC patches I feel quite confident that the rarest WWII USMC shoulder patch, not counting squadron patches, is the I MAC Special Weapons Platooons patch AKA Anti-Tank Platoons. And yes, they exist. I have seen three originals in 40 years, including one on ebay a couple of years ago. I have held two and they are the woven type made by a couple of Aussie firms including Australian Knitting Mills. I have a photo of a real one if anybody is interested.

I am also skeptical of the experts who pronounce all Iceland brigade patches not authentic unless it was the exact patch handed out during the initial issue. While I suppose one can parse the true meaning of 'authentic', the fact is I have seen uniforms with spotless provenance that bore variations of the polar bear patch, including metal. Period photos bear this out. There can be little doubt that individual Marines purchased and wore variations of this patch during WWII, especially after the Brigade returned home in 1942. Perhaps a Marine purchased a patch from a local shop in Reykjavik before departing Iceland, or perhaps before going on liberty in New York upon his return he purchased a polar bear from one of the countless tailor shops along Flushing Avenue outside the main gate of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The point is there is more evidence that variations were worn than there is that only one particular patch of a single type was the sole patch used.

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Hello Guys

Since you posted so many Marine Squadron patches here is mine that my Aunt gave me.

It is VMB 621 later VMTB 621.



Not sure how rare it is.


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