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Jockey Helmet - worn by AAF groundcrew?

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ool helmet! nice find




I "primarily" collect Gulf War 1 patches. All branches (USA, USAF,USN, USMC & USCG) and ALL Countries..
US - Op.'s Desert Shield / Storm / Provide Comfort /Some Southern Watch - F-4G's Wild Weasels
UK - Op.'s Granby / Sabre / Warden
Canadian - Op. Desert Storm / Op. Friction
French - Daguet / Aconit
Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, South Korea, etc.
Looking for the oddities, including unfinished & flaws
I HAVE EXTRA's!! Will trade as well.


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this is one sweet piece - I cant believe it hasn't received more comments. I would love to know more about it. Obviously it is lined by an A-9.

Actively collecting:

13th USAAF uniforms and groups/medal groups!

307th BG, 5th BG, 11th BG, 42nd BG

Also looking for:

WWII Far East Air Force uniforms/groups!

Any Pacific Army Air Force Groups to 5th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 20th AAF

Collecting CBI and ATC Pacific Army Air Force groups




USMF's custom photo resize tool:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/229816-custom-resize-tool-exclusively-for-the-usmf/

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I would love to see pics of AAF ground crew wearing something like this...I have viewed many photos of the wing riders during taxi....none, that I recall were wearing helmets...

I am not saying this never happened...just have not seen pics yet

Wonder if it was unit specific....neat if it was worn during such activities...would be a heck of a fall, and the helmet might have been useful...


or maybe a jockey using surplus gear to modify his race helmet..


would be nice to know more.. I kinda dig it

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Old thread I know but cool helmet. My instinct says, and I'd bet money, this has nothing to do with the military. Unless there is photographic evidence otherwise I'm guessing this was made from surplus for auto racing, soap box, early drag racing,salt flat, dirt, etc. Incidentally, I have seen plenty of footage of crew riding on the wings of P-47s but never with special PPE. I've never seen ground crew riding on the wings of carrier aircraft or flight deck personell wearing hard shell caps(especially with AAF nomenclature) while spotting aircraft. Sounds like someone trying to add unique rarity and value to an item. Those types of claims always require proof on the seller's part.

If the OP still sees this thread, is it fastened anywhere else to the shell other than the one seen on the center rear? And has 3 1/2 years uncovered any more evidence?


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I would bet this is more of a soapbox derby or early bonneville/sprint car type helmet, really cool but probably not military use just using military surplus components.


Is it named anywhere or are there any other military markings?

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Hbt, This was a 3 1/2 yo thread I revived so not sure we'll hear much from.

It is interesting and would be a good addition for someone who collects whatever it is. It just isn't AAF as rumored.

Has anyone else ever heard of AAF wing walkers using hard helmets in WWII? That's more of a task everyone just did out of necessity rather than a job special equipment was issued for.


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