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  1. Not sure myself. I see it, but with so many different tax rates it has got to be a crap shoot. It is a "state" sales tax, but each municipality (city, county, sate) may be slightly different. The address I live in is the county where the tax rate is .0725%. The nearby city is .0775%. Basically when I sell something on ebay, I figure my "profit" potential as: Cost of item = x ebay fees = .20 NOW - sale tax charged = rule of thumb .0775 or .08 (ebay .2 + tax .08 = .28, round up to .3) $10 x 1.3 = $10.30, I do this as a hobby and for pocket $ (so I can buy more stuff 😄), so I figure for me to break even (time not included - come on we're out there hunting!) I need to get $10.30 to break even on a $10 item. A little long winded, but the reality of e-commerce is here. Face it, you got to pay to play. Taxes suck, but they due pay for essential services we take for granted (roads, parks and services - don't bash me, it is what it is). If you don't want to pay sales tax, then find your own avenue to sell customer direct. Yes, Ebay is it's own monster, but it is the worlds largest garage sale and for the average Joe, it's easy to use. Who didn't buy their stock in their early days and make a mint. I know I did. There are others to use; Letgo, Mercari, Facebook market palce, etc. Pluses and minuses, with each. I call it a "hobby" but overall someone else came up with the idea of this "business".
  2. I thought the French would use a roundel on their aircraft markings. Red circle , blue dot center. Where as the Brit's would use blue circle with red dot center.
  3. Posted this over on the WWF but it got no love, so since it is an ex-American Fighter plane, I'm posting it here as well. Great shot, but who was it sold too? Found this neat photo of a P-51. There appears to a C-47 behind it and a C-54 in the background. Am thinking it now belongs to a South American Country. Argentina? Tail # 476156 There is another winged logo below the canopy, but it is pretty faint in the photo. Possible ID what country it flew for?
  4. I don't agree. I believe it is a CBI patch. The object on the left is a circle (Nationalist Chinese symbol, the object on the right is a star)
  5. Great actor, great roles, I still don't like oatmeal. RIP
  6. This is a great shot! The first thing that caught my eye, is the MOH ribbon is upside down. I know, I know, picky, picky.
  7. Nice couples photo Navy enlisted with Gunner Sleeve rate and wearing Air Combat Crew badge on left breast. Army enlisted with 13th AF. I have 3 other photos of the same family name I got this weekend. Grabbed them randomly from the photo stacks as they were all uniform shots. I'll post those in another section.
  8. 2nd AF WAC. notice the light colored border around the patch.
  9. Recent pick up over the weekend. Mexican Border Service medal. The medal is numbered: # 18127. I've seen others listed on the forum and the number could be associated with the soldier, Is this one able to be traced as well?
  10. Was my birthday weekend and wanted to get out of town. Went to the North Coast (Eureka / Arcata) area and hit some haunts. Was fun to find some stuff. Since the Alameda Peddlers Fair was closed for COVID, wanted to take the wife whale watching out of Santa Cruz, but no sitter for the dog this was the next best bet. Some of the stuff I found; a double patches 81st INF / Pacific Command Ike. Sterling CIB and mixed single ribbons were in the pocket. I say mixed because the American Defense medal ribbon is the Navy 1/2 inch version. A stack of WW2 USMC 3rd Amphib patches, photos (most which I'll post to the forum), a Mexican Border Service medal (numbered), 1950 26th INF photo book with 8x10 photos w/a lot of CIB's and sewn ribbon racks and a Philip belt buckle (already posted in that topic). Un-named WW2 Bronze Star and Army Good Conduct medals.
  11. Yes, Brit, but interesting the pin on the left is American Red Cross (ARC).
  12. Continuing this thread, BUT ... while on vacation I got his personalized beaut ! W. H. Fox, w/crossed anchors in top left corner. Nicely engraved. Engraved on the back, B. Lopez &n Sons. If you have info on this sailor, engraving company and time frame when done. Please pass along. Thanks.
  13. Didn't get it. rump end of the flight suite was blown out and they still wanted $40
  14. Saw this patch on a flight suite while on a quick trip. Is it a MATS squadron? Took the Picture with my phone and needs to be rotated 90 degrees to the right
  15. That is a possibility. I went and found the listing again (eBay item number: 124259347954). The photo is dated Dec 8, 51. And with the location as being Japan. The date is close enough to your scenario to put it in the ballpark. Let's spit ball this a sec. They aren't wearing any other ribbons, not even Korean Theater. No combat patch on the right shoulder of the Infantry guy on the right,. No overseas bars or enlisted service stripes. This is early enough in the War that they probably didn't come to theater with much. A basic, flat uniform set up in their duffle or footlocker and off they were shipped. Did they just arrive right off of the line and sent for a little R&R? Who knows. To me the CIB looks Occupied Japan made. Look how low the 2nd award star is on the badge. Overall a good discussion.
  16. This is an interesting picture I just saw on posted on ebay. A pair of Korean War, 2nd Infantry soldiers. Definitely see a Private chevron on his sleeve, BUT .... wearing 2nd Award CIB's !!! The quartermaster wasn't paying attention when they were handing these out. OR ..bought the wrong ones while outside the gate. Another find, is the guy on the left have a Transportation collar disc on?
  17. This should be an easy one. Saw this patch and would like to know the unit. Am a fan of this Cold War era ballistic stuff. Figured it to be from the 50's early 60's. Army artillery rocket / missile patch.
  18. Can you tell what badges the guy on the right has on? Gold para on the bottom, but I don’t see the extended wings of its normal construction. I’m plus he’s A baseball cap and not an 8 point cap. This was the 80’s so who knows.
  19. Yeah, the guy blocked me too, because I pestered him about shipping. How simple is it!?! I send you $ and most times a return envelope, Drop them, seal it and slip it into a mail box. EAZY - PEAZY Now that I've exposed it, not like it hasn't been already seen, it'll get sucked up. HELP A BROTHER OUT! 😁
  20. OK, so I don't have this. BUT, I'd like to get it. He's only asking $5, but won't ship. It is posted on Letgo and is located in zip; 06451, Meriden, CT I've bird dogged it, any out to flush it out?
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