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  1. Have been chatting w/ forum member ‘vforvictoty1945” and he directed me over to Worthpoint for other examples. This large size Liberty buckle stuck out immediately as it combines both Army and Navy elements. Text: US Navy Corpsman, Philippines with an Army Combat Medic Badge or CMB as the center piece.
  2. what do you mean? The first shot of him as a buck Sgt , he’s wearing infantry collar discs with the light blue backers. Along with having earned the EIB
  3. Was on vacation and picked up this set of gunner's wings from a local junker. So, now that I'm home now and taking a closer look. There are small circles on each side of of the straight pin attachments. Has the pin been replaced? There is a partial makers mark at the 5 o'clock position of the circle on the back of the wing. I think it's too nice for a recast. Ok, give it too me straight ..
  4. This cover and helmet combo is currently listed on Mercari. The cover is pretty faded but I just don’t like the red stitching down the center seam. Am I wrong?
  5. Having grown up in Washington state, and going to Ft. Lewis, I'm aware of the 9th ID, but this is really cool!
  6. I have one of the camo mosquito head bags too! I just got it in mess of stuff. I too posted it for id'ing.
  7. Turns out this is MOST LIKELY a father = son grouping. I got a chance to actually see the group and it is impressive. Here is a shot of the back of the patrol badge. Any ifo on that sailor would be appreciated.
  8. Got this US Army overseas hat in a mixed lot. I'd like to know if is WW1 or Interwar. I know the brimmed service hat was more popular to wear than the triangle overseas hat. The color leads me to believe it is post WW1.
  9. Good grab. I bid on this one, but decided not to pursue it. I'm glad you have some history on it. Makes it even nicer. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks for the thought. Most Brit made ribbon bars, wings, badges, etc., I have encountered / purchased have a silver or gray colored pin. This one is brassy colored. I didn't think of CBI but a lot of Brit stylized items came out of there a well. Good call.
  11. Grabbed these at a swap meet. Two separate bars, 2 bar: DFC & AM and three bar; American , Pacific theaters and WW2 Victory. The pin is typical Brit made, but the pin is brass colored. With the Pacific theater ribbon, could it be Australian made? The ribbon bar is wide and typical 1/2 inch Navy size, but there was a full set of Air Corps insignia with it, Aviation branch wing props and U.S. So once again, Pacific theater? Australian made?
  12. That is a nice find. Nurse or WAC? 1st Armored with middle East, pretty UNIQUE!!
  13. For future information and reference, I'd like to see that regulation. And / or hear other stories or examples of this occurring.
  14. So i got these in a package deal. Label said, WW2 camo helmet cover. When I pulled it out of the bag, There was one some what cover, solid camo material on top with camo netting below. And it has a sewn band around it. There are two camo netted "bags". I can't say they are helmet covers. Then there was a long bolt of camo netted fabric. So what do I got here?
  15. Here is an interesting post WW2 photo (really wrinkled) I found this weekend. Lots going on, so let's get started. Staring from the right, * An African American Mater Sgt wearing Army chevrons and Far East AF patch * The CPT speaking to him, wearing standard AF patch on the right shoulder * New AF Master Sgt stripes watching this conversation and wearing US open collar brass. * Mix of officers wearing wings, summer khaki hats and uniforms. * Mix of officers wearing chocolate hats and and ike jacket. * the man leaning over in the center of t
  16. Fellow forum member, who has become a kindred spirit when it comes to these buckles, pointed this one out to me. FUNKY!!! Great subject matter!
  17. GW may say that, but they do. Check their "cloned" ebay site for such things. www.shopgoodwill.com. There's not as much uniform stuff as there used to be, maybe it's been funneled to "Halloween" racks else where. There's a decent PH grouping on there right now.
  18. This patch is currently listed for as, and wanted to get you opinion, I think the subject matter is good. A relic of the sad state of the base realignment and closures that happened in California. HERE IS THE DESCRIPTION as listed for the patch; This vintage leather patch is hand painted and made to be sewn on to a jacket. It features Disney's Mickey Mouse in his fireman's gear. This patch honors the Hamilton Field Fire Dept in Marin County, Ca. - Pacific Wing ATC # 11. ATC stands for Air Transport Command. This USAF base was established in the 30's as a training f
  19. Hit the monthly Sacramento Antique Fair to today and found these gems. While they are not military, these are definitely Philippine made. They are TRAIN themed! * B & O * New York Central System * Chicago and Northwestern System, October 28, 1956 They were all being sold by the same lady and couldn't get just one, so I picked up the set of three. They are a lot bigger than the smaller military themed. No markings on the back.
  20. Cruising Etsy and saw this image. Pretty cool vintage reprint labeled as: Vintage 1940s Photo - Tri-Delta Sorority Sisters (or as my dad used to joke; Delta Delta Delta - try Delt - everybody else has) - Girls Partying at Texas University Smoking and Drinking - WWII Era - Fine Art Print. What caught my eye, was the Tank Destroyer patch worn on the shirt of the blonde in the center of the shot. On a side note, the second thing that caught my eye was the Sigma Nu shirt (my old house) worn by the gal center front. I'm sure they were defying the house mom by partying like this! Probab
  21. So another issue has arose Ebay vs. Paypal. I tried to use my PayPal Mastercard to make a purchase and it says my payment failed. This is not the first time this has occurred for me, yet Ebay can't figure out why... hmmmmm .... because there is an error in "their" system. No S... Sherlock. I am not a conspiracist, but seems awfully fishy. The lady said, it was because the seller doesn't accept the PayPal Mastercard. Additionally, she mentioned, twice, they they were migrating away from Paypal and into their Managed Payment system. Very interesting. And so we proceed.
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