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A Guy Walks Into a Coin Club

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That's great! That's how I got a Civil War NCO sword. Coin dealer had it at a gun show. Guy walks in and trades it for $80.00 in silver dollars. 25 years ago. When they were 10-15 each. I looked at the sword and said how much do want for the sword. He said well I got $80 in it how bout $80....LOL I have the sword. Its beautiful. Look at those tables we usually walk past. Because you never know.......


David 268thC.A.

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This is a wonderful pin collection!



The "Spook" pin is especially nice. My father was a Soldier for 31 years and served the majority of it as a CID Special Agent (Criminal Investigations Division). Growing up I was accustomed to moving a lot, but my dad mostly wore civilian clothing. I remember seeing his badge and snub-nosed .38 revolver in a small brown leather belt holster on his bedroom dresser.



My dad had this small "Spook" pin, which he often wore - he most often wore a suit and tie - as a tie pin.



I was a Soldier for 28 years, was in 5th Special Forces Group the majority of it as an Intelligence Sergeant. I wore my dad's "Spook" pin as my tie pin on those occasions when I was in Class A (Dress Green) uniform!



A few years after I retired from the Army, my nephew who was very dear to me, passed away. David was only 30 years old, and had been bed-ridden the last 7 years of his life after being accidentally shot in the neck by another. The shooting left David a paraplegic, with only limited use of his hands.


I had previously given David the Bronze Star which had been presented to me after my second tour to Iraq. Before burial, I took my father's and my "Spook" pin and placed it in the pocket on David's uniform (he had been a Reserve Police Officer, as well as a Military Policeman in the Indiana National Guard).



Just seeing the pin in your collection gave me reason to smile!



This small statue was my father's - it usually sat on his desk in every office he worked in. I believe that my dad wound up with this statue (and possibly the pin) during his tour of duty in South Korea in 1965. The front brim of "Spooky's" hat has been broken off as long as I can remember.


I just took this photo a few minutes ago ... it sits in my "man cave" / home office now!



Best - Bryan





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Bryang, that's an interesting statue....about 8-10 years ago my father walked into an estate sale late in the day and picked up a similar piece. We knew the people running the sale and they said it was the only military piece they saw....they didn't know what it was, but thought the figure looked cool. Needless to say, that cool look came along with a hefty price tag....my dad almost passed on it because of that, but he knew the design was special. I haven't seen it for a while because we've been moving alot of stuff around, but if memory serves me right there's a plaque on ours saying it was presented in Italy to someone in some unit in 1964. I can't remember anything other than Italy 1964 and something about the location, date and unit being very odd. Honestly I haven't researched it at all and hadn't thought about it in quite some time until you posted your statue. I'm out of state for the time being and it's rather put away so I doubt I'll be able to get pictures up anytime soon.

Razgy, I hope this picture suffices as it's the best I have at the moment..

Best ABN


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The 64th Fighter Wing is immediate post-war German made.....nice piece!!


There's roughly 197 of the 2 post beer cans. The spook pin mentioned by Tonomachi is actually enameled, the only such (enameled) piece in the bunch. It too has 2 posts and may be theater made. The last, 64th fighter wing dui, is screw back theater made, I believe German or Italian. Best ABN


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I just came across this. WOW!!! You have some nice ones there.


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