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  1. Wow too bad he didn't live to see his lost dog tags, Nice research. Nice tags too.
  2. I assume its a gun safe, try a humidifier. To keep moisture out. I have no problems. But I don't store medal boxes. There about $20. bucks. also in the car business Febreze hides almost anything.
  3. It looks fine too me. This is from Coles book. Price ?
  4. You could be right on that one. Maybe just a morale patch ? Any other comments or ideas on this one.
  5. Any one have a clue my guess was 1/3 USMC I don't know what theater. Iraq or Afghanistan...Thanks I could be way off on this one...
  6. I figured this was a lost battle, but then thought what the heck maybe some collector out there has dads tags, what I know is my grandmother passed away in 1975. I don't think there were many dog tag collectors out there then. I know they were taken by a relative who had no interest other than selling these things, letters, Japanese souvenir's etc. What I'd like is the dog tags or letters. Maybe some where out there some one has them in a box. Id know them if I saw them. Richard Elsea NMN (no middle name) these would have been taken in Hampton, VA. in 1975. Thanks for reading my story...David
  7. They just held the Dixie Classic gun show, all they required was a mask, it was crowded...The flea market is also open at the fair grounds.
  8. I knew Bob from some of the Texas shows and hanging out at the Fort Worth Military Museum. Bob was a fixture there, he always had lots of stories to share. One of my last trips to the museum before heading back to Carolina. Simper Fi Rest in Peace Bob!
  9. Hello Forum friends, Most of us here know what today was and remember from the veterans and history lessons we learned in school. I got up this morning looking at the full moon trying to imagine the unimaginable morning 76 years ago. My heart felt prayers to all the young men who gave all and the ones who returned with the memories and scars that lasted a life time. God Bless them and I pray future generations remember. With all the strife going on today I wonder if it will get mention on the daily news. God Bless the Our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and personal who served then an
  10. The BSV looks like my old high school senior key, we wore around our necks on a chain back in the day. Not my School though. I guess you picked the pickers...LOL we all do at one time or another, although not Mike and Frank
  11. I need help identifying this 31st Infantry Division distinctive insiginia ? Regiment. I looked under 31 division assuming infantry with the blue back ground ? Thanks in advance, David Robbins mfg. screw back. Pre war ? I tried the motto. maybe I'm just over looking it.
  12. I have known Robert for many years, going back along way...I would run into him at shows many moons ago. He is a stand out guy. Nothing but good to say. Wealth of knowledge, absolutely agree with his gift for conversation, whether he is talking to a 13 year old or a 85 year old. He has the gift of conversation for sure. Thanks Robert! you have answered many questions for all no matter how trivial. An asset to the forum and the collecting community. Regards!
  13. Enlisted, yes correct, Blue is Infantry
  14. I agree its too heavy to be a shako plate, its a brest plate IMO. typical construction, the cannon would also lean me towards Artillery. Still a beautiful plate.
  15. They are a tough breed, from a different generation. There is something about this generation they were tough as nails. God Rest His soul .RIP sailor and fair winds. Its alway tough to see another of the "Greatest Generation" pass. your in Gods hands.
  16. Probably the only named medal in the grouping. Some one will replace the medals with WW2 issue medals no doubt.
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