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  1. Thank you. But, Maggie's drawers. No joy. I found two guys with his name and they are both way too young. This friend was a Naval Aviator in the '80s. He flew Hoovers, S-3 Vikings. Thanks, anyway. Marko
  2. Hello friends, I would like to see if I can find an old friend. He was a Navy Pilot back in the '80s. Does anyone know where I might look to possibly find him? Best regards, Mark Admins: If this doesn't belong here, delete with my understanding.
  3. I have been interested in the Identification Badge of the Tomb of the Unknown. I am very interested in all information this thread might offer for my learning experience as well. The is a picture of the fronts of the badges I have in my collection.
  4. I have been interested in the Identification Badge of the Tomb of the Unknown. I am very interested in all information this thread might offer for my learning experience as well. The is a picture of the fronts of the badges I have in my collection.
  5. Second picture, top right. 23rd Quartermaster Regiment, I think.
  6. WOW !!! What an incredible treasure, for sure. Thank you for sharing this.
  7. I am trying to locate a source for an embroidered petty officer rank insignia to go onto a Navy Digital Blue cover. I am not concerned with the specific rank; whether it be PO3, PO2, or PO1. Is there anyone who can direct me to a source where I can acquire such an insignia? Best regards, Marko The picture shows the type of rank insignia I am looking for and how I intend to display it. I already have a cover. Just need the rank patch.
  8. Thank you all for your most valuable input. From what I am discerning, the drape medal with the Commander device is most likely an award to a foreign recipient. I appreciate the quick and valuable replies. Best regards, Marko
  9. I found this medal in a group of individual medals for sale; elsewhere here on the internet. It is a Legion of Merit drape medal with the same device worn on the Legion of Merit - Commander grade ribbon bar. I have been a collector since the late '60s (off and on) and I have never seen this combination of medal and device ever used. Subsequently, I can find no reference ever allowing this combination to be used. But, I am an imperfect being and am not omniscient. Has anyone ever seen this combination of medal and device ever used? Does anyone know if this IS an approved combi
  10. I have bought a bunch of things from crazyzac over the last year. I feel vey pleased with everything I have gotten from him. The patches I have gotten from him are exactly as I expected and are exactly the same as those gotten from friends currently serving. Metal insignia and medals make up my dealings with him and I look forward to dealing with him again. I certainly appreciate this dialog and have learned some good things along the way.
  11. Sorry for the delay. Here are pics of the creased ribbon on a medal.
  12. Hello all, I have a bit of a conundrum. I have a few medals in my collection that have very firm creases in their ribbon drapes, I presume are the result of being stored for extended periods of time. My question I would like to ask others to field is: Is there a safe way to iron out the folds, or should I replace them completely?. Additionally, and as a follow-up question: I have a medal (very old) which has a ribbon drape that is disintegrating. Is there a benefit to preserve it as it is? And, if so, how best should I preserve it? Side note: Please be assured
  13. Michael Rolf, Thank you for all your effort and diligence. It is most appreciated; by many more than me, I am sure. Thanks again, Marko
  14. I have just discovered the web page http://www.scribd.com/doc/67093643/Mottos-A-Z has been deleted. If someone has any online links to a motto list, I am sure there are many folks here who would appreciate the additional information. Best regards, Marko
  15. U.S. ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT ACTIVITY, FORT MEADE Per The Institute of Heraldry http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Catalog/Heraldry.aspx?HeraldryId=8649&CategoryId=4840&grp=2&menu=Uniformed%20Services
  16. I, too, have done some extensive research on this badge. In the area of the date, I learned two related items. 1. That was the date segregation was ordered to be abolished in the Little Rock, Arkansas school system. And, 2. That was the date Martin Luther King, Jr. met with President Eisenhower to discuss racial equality. It is my guess, the school may be in a region effected significantly by either of these actions. However, I have had no luck at looking at military prep schools and ROTC programs in Arkansas, Louisiana and parts of Alabama. Best of luck on this one. I will kee
  17. I'm with Leigh. This would be a nice acquisition. I am new at collecting DIs and find these to be most intriguing. Marko
  18. Thanks for the details. I love learning about new things.
  19. In regard to the 377th Infantry Regiment, there are no markings at all on the reverse.
  20. Hi, Patches. 377th has clutchbacks and posts. Of the 140 or so pieces, I only got two with pinback and no screwbacks. They are all supposed to be Vietnam era and newer.
  21. Thanks, Patches for the encouragement. It has only been a couple of months since I started collecting some DIs. I have a large assortment of nothing in particular, except I have better than 100 National Guard pieces. Thanks again, Marko
  22. Is there any corroborating evidence to the Primus et Pares identification. According to TIOH, 1st FA Regiment motto is Primus aut Nullus and the crest show something different. TOIH actually lists four different units using Primus et Pares as their motto: 1st Air Defense Artillery 1st Artillery 106th Transportation Bn Columbus College ROTC Could my piece be of an older design? And, if so, when would it be used by 1st FA Regiment? It seems this badge has elements of the coat of arms of the 1st Air Defense Artillery with the two green snakes and gules with argent pallets, but w
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