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Unknown US or Foreign patch: USN Minesweeper


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I think it's a early US Navy rating patch


Thank you, it is indeed an old Navy rating patch, I found this and I quote "The navy disallowed this Mine Sweeper Personnel patch in 1943, yet that did not prevent its use in the fleet during the war. (source: LJ Militaria)." I found the info at this web site


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Even if the patch has been disallowed (for official reasons), do you know if this patch is popular and common or not?


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Salvage Sailor

This was a standard symbol emblazoned on the bows of many USN minesweepers in the pre-WWII years.


Minesweeper were found to be extremely versatile vessels in the 1930's and they were often utilized for primary purposes other than minesweeping.




Those that were minesweepers had the tri-color roundel



Those that were assigned to submarine rescue had the Black Fish symbol




Those that were assigned as seaplane tenders had the air service star roundel



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This was the distinguishing mark for Mine Force. As Salvage Sailor said, many sweepers of the 1920s-1930s had them prominently painted on the bow.

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