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  1. My daughter sent this to me today. She is homeschooling her kids and this was in their history lesson for today. What a amazing men and women that fought for our freedoms and gave up their fortunes to pay for the revolution. I pray we will be able to keep our freedoms. Benjamin Franklin warned us when he said, "It's a Republic ma'am, if you can keep it!" God Blesses America, when we Bless God!
  2. No tags left in this hat, maybe never had any. Mine is reversible to tan. Got it from a Canadian in 1979 while living on a Kibbutz in Israel. Unfortunately I have not taken good care if it.
  3. Kinda sounds like this man: When asked once, "How much money is enough money?" He replied, "Just a little bit more." John Davison Rockefeller, Sr. Wonder if collected anything other then money...
  4. I tried that route too, but no luck, and I just can't seem to get those letters to be anything but Saaw.
  5. Thanks Reforger, I tried to look up SAAW but can't find anything. Ken
  6. Picked this up a couple years ago along with a very nice USN 1944 Victory shoulder holster. A name or ? has been etched into the back. The best I can tell, it says O T SAAW. Totally stumped on this one, anyone have any Ideas? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks for the history on the Airborneasaurus” patch . That's a cool story! Seems like I was told something like that when I bought this group of patches, they all came from the same man, except for the Jungle Fighter and Phillipine Army tabs.
  8. British Commando, you have the decal is upside down.
  9. Just found out the Jungle Fighter tab is Filipino, so added to my collection that was brought back by a USSF guy that trained with them.
  10. Yes, I believe you are correct, thanks
  11. I believe this is Phillipine made, was it used by Phillipine forces as well? Thanks Ken
  12. Jungle Fighter tab, not sure who used it or where made.
  13. A retired Army 1st Sgt. Friend of mine collected DI's thru his career. I was able to buy whatever I wanted out of the collection. This is one that I picked out, looks like a cast type construction, no maker marks. Is this real or a copy? Thanks for your help.
  14. Stamped on the back is "THE GREEN BERETS A BATJAC PRODUCTION FOR WARNER BROS. SEVEN ARTS EXCLUSIVE " handwritten s/n and intials, and name Randy. Awesome not often seen shot from the movie. Love those Tigers! Are these hard to find? I haven't seen one before, any info greatly appreciated.
  15. I would say it's a party hat, too much bling for field use.
  16. That's the Zig Zag man on the button, brand of rolling papers.
  17. Welcome Sarah and thanks for volunteering your hard work to the forums. It's really appreciated!
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