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  1. My memory isn't as good as it once was. It is not 9th division, it is Company D, 5th Battalion, 12th Infantry, 199th Infantry Brigade and is shown in Cecil Smyth's Vietnam US Army Combat Unit Insignia volume 1.
  2. The above patch is a Infantry related piece from Vietnam, it has nothing to do with Rangers.
  3. Then maybe you should send the original poster a private message and if he is willing to share the information with you, then you will know the price he paid. I do not believe the patch collecting threads need to have prices posted in them. I have said above I think it cheapens the post. We have a "What's it worth" section for a reason and that is so people can post prices there. If someone wants to start another forum that is nothing but what stuff has sold for on Ebay they are welcome to it. Again, I do not think this section is the place for it. It gets really old when the posts are only about what stuff sells for, instead of the joy it brings to the collector who is just trying to share what they have found.
  4. Mort- I don't care what someone pays for something. I also hate seeing every post with prices in them. If you want to know what things have sold for, subscribe to Worthpoint and you will find out, or search Ebay closed auctions. I like to see great pieces that collectors find and I like to see the joy it brings the person who posts their latest finds here. When the prices start being thrown around I think it cheapens the postings. If the original poster wants to know the value they can list it in the " What's It Worth" section.
  5. I thought this was a 9th division pocket patch, not Special Forces.
  6. Does the price really matter? It's a great patch and now it is here in a post so there will be reference. I personally could care less what the buyer paid, just glad they got a great piece.
  7. Peter- Again, where are the, "All the “negative comments” are really just Sales obstacles."? No one is being negative they are being factual. For a set of this 60's hunting camo, you can go in most vintage clothing stores and the hipsters buy them for $25.00 - $50.00 a piece because they wear them for fashion. Same thing with older hunting clothing it sells for more money to the vintage buyers then it does the hunting collectors. You lived here in Southern California for enough time that at all the major flea markets, the "Rag Dealers" would have piles of this type camo hunting clothing laying on the ground, and you could buy for $10-15 each. Without rock solid provenance this is just vintage hunting clothing.
  8. And the one shown there is also a civilian hunting set. The best reference in the world for this type camo is on this forum. Using the above link you might be disappointed if you use what they say as gospel. You are picking and choosing what you want to hear from the above posts, not the facts. Without documentation, like was stated above numerous times, all this is, is a set of civilian camo. No one is talking down to you, no one is trying to rain on your parade, they are just stating facts not fantasy.
  9. They are both original. When you do the light test, they will become darn near transparent.
  10. I think the cloth French jump wing patch ranks pretty high on the chart.
  11. Maybe it had something to do with your attitude after the first poster commented that it was hunting clothing. You then went on the attack and were a bit rude talking about the metal buttons. While yes those could be WWII vintage, they were used and sold in the surplus market all the way into the 1970's and were used on lots of civilian hunting clothing. I believe there is a large thread mixed into the Beo Gam thread that will give you all the history you could need. The people that commented above are some of the best of the best in the military camo subject. They have handled more pieces and studied these type items for many decades. I can remember back in the late 80's going in rag mills and seeing 1000 pound bales of this civilian camo, made identical to the set you have shown. Could they have been worn in Vietnam, yes but very slim. There is a collector fantasy that all these sets were sent over by the soldiers family because of the lack of camo available in Vietnam. This is total bs as the Viet's started using camo way before the US and had it available in most of the military tailor shops and anyone could walk in and buy it. Is there an exception, of course there is, but I would say it is much easier to say that 99.9999999999999999% of the civilian duck hunter camo was used for just that, hunting.
  12. I believe if you do a search on here about the company, there are many threads, you will get your answer.
  13. I was waiting for someone to point that out. Those shown in the group are North African made for the Douglas Aircraft Tech Reps, they are not American Volunteer Group Indian made collar insignia.
  14. Both look fine. The top one is Liaison Department / Special Command Unit. The STD has a different design.
  15. When the photo arrives, since I bought it, we can add better scans.
  16. And like I said, I have no problem taking it down, which I have done, but no one has answered my easy question yet. Who made it, when was it made, etc. I have no problem telling someone something is fake but when I do I back it up with all the details, as to when it was made and by who. All that is being said here is that it is fake, and no explanations. It's easy to say something is fake, but it carries more weight when that statement can be backed up. Bill I did that with you recently on a piece and I told you who made it and when it was made. I respect some of the members who commented above and know your knowledge but to just say it is fake without backup information doesn't really support your statements. I welcome the information and would appreciate knowing who / when it was made. It has been said these showed up a lot at gun shows and I personally have not seen another like this one. So if they showed up in quantity there should be a lot more of them available and somebody knows the true story, and the true story is what I want to hear and I think would be helpful to the whole membership.
  17. Allan- It doesn't mater who has the the item for sale, the item should stand on it's own, not who owns it. There have been many items that are one ofs, should I add a link to the Hashimoto collection and shows things that should have never been made in Japan, but yet they were ( Civil War Ribbons, WWI patches, etc)? You say this variant started showing up at shows, when was this and who were they associated with? We have all been around a long time, so when new fakes turn up, someone usually knows who and why they were made. I am a firm believer that no one should say with absolutes that everything has to be a exact way. Far to many people in that unit who could have had replacements made, not saying that is what this is, I am just saying that when you start claiming that only one type was every made then one will show up with documentation, and some still won't believe it. A prime example of this was in Jason Hardy's new SOG patch book he waited and waited to complete the book until he had one of every known variation of each patch. When he was finished and it was printed, he thought that he had shown everything that could ever have been made and almost everything had Veteran provenance. Well, the day the books landed at his house a veteran owned piece showed up in the mail that was not shown in the book and that he didn't know existed. I will disagree with your statement that, " One thing about variations is that they tend to show up after insignia has been worn in large numbers and worn for a period of time". I have seen them show up in units of under 50 people and the unit may have only been around 6 months, but yet there will be numerous variants as each person went to a different tailor shop to have their insignia made. Unless the piece was mass produced and all made on same machine, by the same hand, then there are going to be variants. The Alamo Scouts patch is a prime example of this, there is the wartime PI made variant, the US made variant and then there are the ones made for collectors in the 60's. The US made fully embroidered ones are all exact but the Philippine made are all slightly different. Again, I am not swearing that my patch is 1000% correct, I have made many mistakes in the past and will probably make a lot more, I just trust the people who vetted it before me. If it can be proven who made it and when, I will happily take it off my website and destroy it. But, until then I would like to see some proof, not just hear say. Bob
  18. Since this is on my website, I will make a comment. This came out of the large collection of killer patches that NCHS has been selling on Ebay, I got to see a lot of these patches before they made it to ebay. Before I saw it two people who I truly trust had already said it was okay and someone else I trust with elite WWII patches was with me when I bought a bunch of stuff out of the collection and also liked it. The only person who did not handle it or see it in hand said they didn't like it, the others all handled it. It has been used and not with fake wear it has real used wear like you see on something that has been laundered a lot. If it is a copy I will accept that but I again I find it odd that some of the "godfathers" of this hobby blessed it. Allan, saying that they are all only one way is a stretch. There have been pieces that have been said were fake and shown on the said website, that later turned out to have iron clad documentation are were later shown as real, but did not match up to the exact ones shown. I specialize in Vietnam theatre made patches as you know, and I would never say that certain patches were only made one way and all others were fake, as that is a guarantee that you will be eating your words later on.
  19. I have owned three of these. One unused, one used, and one on a souvenir banner / scarf.
  20. and it was the one time at this show I didn't have any trade for you.......
  21. You need to check the other tag that will be on the inside lower section, behind pocket.
  22. Those Ranger histories were great. Did you sell them?
  23. WE had a great show and it was nice to see everyone
  24. Mexican camo military beret from the 80's
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