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  1. In the new episode 5 of Foxtrot Canteen, Daniel Bermudez and Leonardo Flores interview Dan King, author of A Tomb Called Iwo Jima and The Last Zero Fighter, and his experiences interviewing WWII Japanese veterans, WWII Japanese militaria and working on Windtalkers. Thank you!
  2. Latest Episode 4 of Foxtrot Canteen WWII Militaria Podcast with special guest Matt LeMaster 37th ID focused Collector & National Archives researcher. Hosted by Daniel Bermudez and Leonardo Flores.
  3. New Episode 3 of Foxtrot Canteen Daniel Bermudez & I interview 6th MarDiv Historian and Collector Jason Faust. Thank you. https://soundcloud.com/leonardo-flores-126068696/foxtrot-canteen-militaria-podcast-ep-3-jason-foust-6th-marine-division-collector
  4. Hello, Daniel Bermudez and I started a Militaria podcast called "Foxtrot Canteen: WWII Militaria Podcast." We have two episodes up on Sound Cloud. Please check it out. Our first guest is Lori Berdak Miller from Redbird Research. Thank you! Leonardo Flores https://soundcloud.com/leonardo-flores-126068696/foxtrot-canteen-wwii-militaria-podcast-ep-2-military-records-with-lori-berdak-miller https://soundcloud.com/leonardo-flores-126068696/foxtrot-canteen-wwii-militaria-podcast-episode-1
  5. It was the fiscal year of the contract 42-43, it would have been issued in 1942.
  6. Expeditionary Medal & W Clasp No. 8073 is a Wake Island survivor & POW Irving B. Silverlieb, 1st Defense Battalion issued in 9/1946. The medal number was listed in his records, location of Medal unknown.
  7. Here is the ration I found last weekend. I thought I'd add it Todd's thread. LF
  8. Mos is 745 Rifleman and 609 Motor Crew where it says Spec. Military
  9. Amazing life as an artist! Thank you for sharing his Biography! LF
  10. I own one of these large white ruptured duck patch, I received mine with a small grouping of items from a navy Iwo vet who was on an attack transport. Always wondered what it was used for. Leonardo
  11. Yes looks WWII or earlier with the whicker style liner.
  12. My sentiment above! That sweater is amazing with the stencil!
  13. Looks very similar to the one I bought a few years back that was questionable. Fraudulently made from real original parts to trick people that it is real but it was recently assembled. Stay away from this one! LF
  14. The 5th Occupied the Sasebo area as well as parts of Hiroshima in September of 1945. It can very well be from Hiroshima. Incredible find.
  15. Nice BS! Incredible Jacket to a heroic Marine! May I ask what MOS he was? Thank you! LF
  16. Forgot about this thread! I need to post my USS Cowpens Iwo Marine vet uniform here!
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