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C Ration Supper

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You must have an entire room of this stuff!!! :blink:

Hi Oz, unfortunately not .... That's a thing of the past .... I had these "things" in my whole flat once, but today I'm a father of two small daughters (:-):-) and they have their toys at all our rooms (:-):-) ...

But fortunately my wife is a very tolerant and I have my collection in "only my room" - in some boxes bacause the room is quite small .... :-):-):-) Tom.

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Nice selection Mandy, Can you give us some background on the commercial ration tins you have posted.

On a side note while reviewing this thread again it dawned on me that there is another great historical study series detailing the development of rations compiled by the Chicago Subsistence Laboratory in my opinion is the cats meow on the subject being much more thorough and in-depth than the QMC reprint and the other I mentioned. The library that has these along with the 1946-1953 study don't even know they have them some how they missed the cut when they digitalized their inventory. I do plan on going back one of these days to finish up some other tasks and will photo the sections on C rations from both studies and post here. It would be a lot of work to fully copy both.

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Hi Dustin, as far as the commercial ration cans concerned, they were given to Czech civilians from American soldiers or from UNRRA. I'm looking forward to your work. Tom

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