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GIs wearing German insignia/equipment

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Agreed! I love this shot. About a year or two ago there was a small grouping of 29th Division snapshots...one showed GI's posed with an FG 42...if memory serves that little grouping went for over $1000.....I have 6 or 7 original snapshots of GI's posed with MP 44 and the same number of GI's with MP 40 but a holy grail for me still is to find a GI posed with one of these or a G 41 or G 43 which would seem to be a bit easier...but they have still alluded me.


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Paul, I goofed, LTC James A. Gunn III flew a B-24H (s/n 41-28790) nicknamed "Bright Eyes." The aircraft pictured above was a B-24D flown by a Captain James A. Gunn Jr. of the 98th BG. He was killed over Ploesti on August 1, 1943. There's a ton of confusion between these two pilots.

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I love that picture, that is Robert Leigh, B company, 329th IR taken in Gürzenich in December, 1944 somewhere.

"In almost all wars, the sight of foreign troops brought fear and terror to the local people, destruction and often senseless killing of local citizens. However, the sight of the American GI always brought smiles and joy to the local French people. They knew we were there to liberate, not to conquer; to help, not to terrorize."

Captain Leo T. Hury, M-Company, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division.

In honor of Captain Leo, March 19, 1920 - June 10, 2012


Profile picture: Pfc. John T. DiMauro, E Company, 331st Infantry Regiment

January 23, 1926 - KIA January 13, 1945 near Langlire, Belgium after 11 days on the frontline


Looking for anything related to the 83rd Infantry Division (1917-today)

Visit my personal website: www.normandytothebulge.be

Learn more about the 83rd Infantry Divison assocation at: www.83rdassociation.com



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Here is a scan from one of my negative groupings. A GI on a liberated NSU cycle and German pistol.




A collecter of photographs

Always looking for PTO related photos and photo albums. also looking for 134th CB USN and 711th railroad operating battalion photos and photo albums.


Mike Harpe



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Cool pics and cool parka

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
Forget about the tips..We'll get hell to pay (AC/DC)
"If you cant get out and run with the big dogs then sit on the porch and bark at the cars going by.."

Have you Hugged a Clown Today?

You Cant Get A Sun Tan On The Moon..

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I did a Captain Wagner in Fury wearing a captured SS winter parka with bullet holes and camouflage rank on the arms.

GIs wore them and there are some pictures to prove it.



True Owen. I have an original in my collection of GI's wearing captured German camo parkas and I know a vet who brought home a rabbit lined German parka that he picked up and wore through the Bulge and continued to wear at home shoveling his driveway in the winter.


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I once read a memoir about the campaign in the ETO. In it, the author said that they were advised by their officers not to be caught wearing any captured German souvenirs...for example, leather belts/ holsters and Iron Crosses were quite popular...as there were instances of GIs being summarily executed for doing so.

They executed guys for putting on captured German souvenirs? Seems a bit extreme....


...or did they suspect they were enemy infiltrators like Skorzenys men during the Bulge and execute them on suspicion alone? Still, seems a bit harsh without better intel or basic fact-finding...





Collector of WWII M-1helmets and WWII Airborne items

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There were cases of or at least very strong rumors of Germans shooting Americans who had captured German stuff on them...I knew a guy who was in North Africa / Italy who said he never took many for that reason alone.

Afghanistan Vet OEF 10-11 - Engineer Corps US Army.

Getting a medal means two things:

1. Someone saw you do it.

2. You didn't tick off the approval chain.
Seeking 984th Engineer Co (Land Clearance), 36th Engineer Regt/Bde, and Sanitary Corps items from all eras.


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