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Confederate enlisted coat ID'ed 12th Ga.


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I do not post much here but I thought you guys would like to see this coat. It's identified to Robert Young of the 12th GA. still retaining 4 state seal buttons. This coat came right out of the family and I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I have




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Whoa ....there's rare and then there's rare. I am envious, thanks for posting. For a Confederate uniform this looks to be in extraordinary condition.

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This is an incredible uniform. Not only is this an extremely rare Confederate shell jacket (only one ever posted here?), but it is named! Very seldom do we ever see these jackets actually named to the soldier who wore it.


Contrary to what many believe, the vast majority of Confederate uniforms that I have seen have been in a shade of grey, and not butternut. Of course, butternut uniforms were used, but not in the quantity that some assume.


This appears to be a Richmond Depot jacket - and not one of the shell jackets issued by the state of Georgia. Considering the 12th Georgia served in the Army of Northern Virginia, this is not surprising.


Anyway, it's a wonderful piece of Confederate history, and worth more than most people's entire high end military collection.


Thank you for sharing!

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Congrats Jon.I know how hard you work.This is product of those efforts.Outstanding jacket.Robert

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Perfect example of a collector whose plan is to conserve his resources until something absolutely awesome is available - then go for it. Jon, this is incredible! You are building a very significant collection.


If for some reason you have it off the mannequin at some point, I would love to see photos of the lining and interior details.



From the interwebs, here's this outfit's history:


    Near Seven Pines (skirmish) - June 15, 1862
    Seven Days Battles - June 25 - July 1, 1862
    Beaver Dam Creek - June 26, 1862
    Gaines' Mill - June 27, 1862
    Malvern Hill - July 1, 1862
    South Mountain - September 14, 1862
    Antietan - September 17, 1862
    Fredericksburg - December 13, 1862
    Chancellorsville - May 11-14, 1863
    Gettysburg - July 1-3, 1863
    Bristoe Campaign - October 1863
    Mine Run Campaign - November - December 1863
    The Wilderness - May 5-6 1864
    Spotsylvania Court House - May 8-21, 1864
    North Anna - May 23-26, 1864
    Cold Harbor - June 1-3, 1864
    Lynchburg Campaign - May - June 1864
    Monocacy - July 9, 1864
    3rd Winchester - September 19, 1864
    Fisher's Hill - September 22, 1864
    Cedar Creek - October 19, 1864
    Petersburg Siege - May - June 1864 - April 1865
    Fort Stedman - March 25, 1865
    Appomattox Court House - April 9, 1865

    The 12th Georgia Infantry completed its organization in June of 1861 at Richmond, Va. Its members were from the counties of Sumter, Jones, Macon, Calhoun, Muscogee, Dooly, Putnam, Bibb, Lowndes and Marion. Upon its arrival in western Virginia, the regiment was assigned to H. R. Jackson's command and participated in Lee's Cheat Mountain campaign. It later served in the brugades of generals E. Johnson, Elzey, Trimble, Dole, and Cook. During this time, they participated in Stonewall Jackson's Valley campaign, then fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Days to Cold Harbor.The 12th later took part in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and the Appomattox campaign.


The regiment's losses included 175 men at McDowell, 45 at Groveton, and 59 at Sharpsburg. It's casualties included 12 killed and 58 wounded at Chancellorsville and sixteen percent of the remaining 327 men at the start of the battle of Gettysburg were dead or missing by its end. Only five officers and 50 men of the original twelve hundred enlisted in the regiment surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia in April 1865.

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Robert Young


Residence Eatonton GA;

Enlisted on 12/5/1861 at Eatonton, GA as a 3rd Sergt.


On 12/5/1861 he mustered into "C" Co. GA 2nd Battn State Trps

He was Mustered Out on 5/15/1862

(Estimated day of muster out)


On 5/14/1862 he mustered into "G" Co. GA 12th Infantry

(date and method of discharge not given)



He was listed as:

* Wounded 7/1/1862 Malvern Hill, VA

* Wounded 5/3/1863 Chancellorsville, VA

* Wounded 8/21/1864 Summit Point, VA

* POW 4/2/1865 Petersburg, VA

* Confined 4/5/1865 Point Lookout, MD (Estimated day)

* Oath of Allegiance 6/22/1865 Point Lookout, MD (Released)







Other Information:

born in 1843 in Ireland

died 1/13/1927 in Eatonton, GA

Buried: Eatonton, GA


(Married Susan Adams in 1868)


After the War he lived in Eatonton, GA

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This jacket is jaw dropping to me! Not that I am a Civil War collector, but being a Georgia boy it is really nice to see a named uniform with those state seal buttons in such great condition still exist. To think this man was in from beginning to end, wounded three times, and a P.O.W. . I hope Mr. Young had peacefully days for the remainder of his time on earth. Thank you for sharing.

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This is a first for me!! What an awesome and rare item. Someone said that these are super expensive. Just for reference sake, what would be a fair price for a comparable item?

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Wow... that is much more than I would have ever guessed. Beautiful garment. What can be done to keep it intact. How fragile is it being this old?

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Wow! it's amazing seeing these Civil War era items! Not my area at all,but I can sure appreciate the Historical significance of an item like this coming out of the woodwork, not to mention what these are worth $$$ !!!

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