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Confederate enlisted coat ID'ed 12th Ga.


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Sgt. Stubby

Footlocker - Jaw dropping acquisition! THANK YOU for letting us see it!


What do the backs of the buttons look like, are they marked? Can you fold the fabric back and get half-shots of it? Of course please don't if that makes you uncomfortable.


VMI88 thoughtfully proposes, "My theory is that the Federals simply referred to dingy gray uniforms as 'butternut' as a term of derision and because they didn't have the opportunity to see them when newly issued." Maybe.


I believe firsthand accounts about the ubiquitous butternut. But we must recall the situation after the war. Americans, especially Southerners, were incredibly war-weary, and what we see as treasures today were not universally valued. I'm sure battle worn butternut was considered common, and with the destitute condition of the population they were used as everyday street/work clothes until worn out.


However, post war a finely made jacket like this may have been worn only on Sunday, and in any case seemed more worthy of preservation than lowly butternut homespun. Therefore, surviving high quality gray is represented in a larger percentage than what was on the field.


Amazing property you have there, what a triumph. Congratulations!

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