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1st Army colored insert patches

chuck locke

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Having recently read and contributed to a thread on OS caps with piping, I became aware of the piping similarities of the color and piping on the prewar 1st army patches. I wanted to show what I had and hope that someone else with an interest would show theirs as well. First up is the typical uncolored patch and two infantry patches one a light blue and also a dark blue variation.



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next up two transport and a reverse transport home made. The bottom patch I got with an original phantom 157th patch. I paid $30.00 for a transport, the phantom and what I foun d out was signals but the white was colored in with a red ink pen period done, who knows, but I like it.



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quartermaster, cavalry, chemical


Detached enlisted man list, The yellow appears to be theater done, no idea what it was meant to be, and for tan uniform.


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A listing of the colors center first and piping second.

Infantry - blue

Engineers - red & white

Artillary - red

Chemical - cobalt blue & golden yellow

Medical - maroon & white

Quartermaster - buff

Military police - yellow & green (there is a reverse, green and yellow, variation

Finance - silver gray & golden yellow

Signals - orange & white

ordinannce - crimsen & yellow

Cavalry - yellow

Detached enlisted mans list - grass green

transport - red & yellow

Aviation - blue & orange

Headquarters personel - olive drab

Armored forces - green & white

Tank destroyer - orange & black

West Point cadre - white & yellow

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that' s a good start. I as well have hit the expensive ones. But you just Don' t know what you' 'll run into or where you' 'll find it. Chuck

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Collecting the inserts is a worthy challenge. You can make it more difficult by completing the set in the "woolie" version and don't forget the different sizes of the embr version. Let's not forget the hand-made versions . The armor took me over 30 years to find. The above list may not be complete; Chaplain insert but don't remember colors. Good luck with quest! Mort

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I was told they stopped the practice at the beginning of WWII. There were other divisions that carried on the practice after WWI but they again are pretty rare.

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Another reason why this site is such a valuable resource.....I've been trying to find a list of the known 1st Army colored insert patches to help with my collection, did a topic search first and found this thread! I have several "insert" patches so far and would like to work towards completing the set some day.


Here's what I have so far:



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Some 1st Army Insert patches on a period WWII patch blanket. Left - Right Transport, Quartermaster, Cavalry, Unassigned troops, & Infantry.


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A few more on the other side of the blanket. Left-Right Artillery, Medical, Signal, Chemical, Engineer, MP


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