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  1. Here is the grouping. I will be adding a 7th Army SSI to it and am seeking a 45th ID to place with it as well.
  2. A couple months ago a co-worker told me about his grandfather's medals. I had seen a photo of the grandfather on a military Harley taken in North Africa. When the co-worker said one of the medals was a DSC, I was curious to see. Well here it is! I was also able to locate the citation for the medal. BEAMISH, WARREN W. Citation: The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Warren W. Beamish (37086785), Sergeant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy while serving with the 40th Engineer Combat Battalion, in action against enemy forces on 10 July 1943 in Sicily. A few minutes after landing, Staff Sergeant Beamish then a Sergeant and squad leader, volunteered to accompany an army officer and, under fire from enemy guns, succeeded in moving inland, assaulting a gun position and pill box which was being manned by six Italian soldiers. This action resulted in the capture of the enemy and opened a landing site, specifically nullifying the fire power of the enemy on our assault and landing craft and opened a path for the advancing infantry. Staff Sergeant Beamish and the officer then proceeded up the beach in search of a better landing site and suitable position for erection of panel lights. Upon locating such a site, the officer and Staff Sergeant Beamish proceeded to erect the lights. When the lights were turned on, the staff sergeant and officer continued to advance and captured twenty-five Italian soldiers who were manning 20 millimeter and 50 caliber guns. This action opened the beach for 500 yards, affording the infantry assault waves a clean beach. The aggressiveness of Staff Sergeant Beamish, his complete disregard for personal safety, his coolness and courage under fire and in the face of a numerically superior enemy reflects great credit upon himself and the military service. Headquarters, Seventh U.S. Army, General Orders No. 3 (January 25, 1944) Home Town: Saginaw, Michigan
  3. I am seeking any information, documentation, pictures of this pocket patch. I know they were in Germany under the 8th ID in the late 50's early 60's.
  4. As long as we stay under 10 people we are good for now!
  5. Went to a local estate sale to look at some tools and furniture. First thing I see is a black painted kevlar helmet. Turns out the sale was for a retired NE State Trooper. A little more digging and found the boonie and bayonet. I was also able to pick up one of the troopers unit license plates.
  6. Maybe next year Maddie! Keep looking in your area for stuff!
  7. I will have some nice patches, insignia and uniforms for sale this year. Also will have a couple of Chris Aleck's newest patch booklet for sale. I consider Chris's book as the best for reference.
  8. I am seeking an ID on this rosette. Any help appreciated.
  9. Thank You my friends!!!
  10. Can anyone ID this one for me?
  11. Looking forward to the show once again! Always good selection, good prices, good trading, and good conversations. It is worth the drive people!!!!
  12. Thanks for the replies my friends! There is a tag in the shorts but it is completely washed out.
  13. Are these WWII era swimming trunks? Were swimming trunks issued items or private purchase? Thank You!!
  14. It is not faded. I have one that is light blue wool as well.
  15. It was a neat, little gathering. Enjoyed the conversations and beer!!!!
  16. When: 22 JUN 1400-1700 Where: 9501 S 25th St Bellevue, NE 68147 United States Who: local Militaria collectors (bring a friend) Why: to bring together people with the same interest. What: local gathering of militaria collectors. Bring something to show and tell about, bring something to trade and sell or just bring yourself and learn.
  17. 36-tex

    Patch Tabs

    So after what seems like years of waiting for someone to produce a book of shoulder patch tabs, arcs and rockers I have decided to attempt one myself. This will take all of us to share what you have in your collections. I am asking all members to post or PM pictures of items in your collection. If you have examples on shirts or uniforms, that would be great. If you know what SSI your tab, arc, or rocker is paired with even better. Any example you post or send also include any information you have for them. Thank You in advance!!! I will of course credit selected pictures to the owner / collection it is from. I may be contacting some who published pieces in this thread for better pictures and or information.
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