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20mm Found While Antiquing


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Four of these were laying in a dlispay case. Two were in awful shape, the other two were like this. There was also a TP-T in nice shape and a couple of dummys.

20 x 102mm M56 A3 HEI IMG_20240227_110625330  1.jpg

20 x 102mm M56 A3 HEI IMG_20240227_110715660  2.jpg

20 x 102mm M56 A3 HEI IMG_20240227_110933355 3.jpg

20 x 102mm M56 A3 HEI IMG_20240227_110933357 4.jpg

20 x 102mm TP-T IMG_20240227_111050447 5.jpg

20 x 102mm TP-T IMG_20240227_111156670 6.jpg

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Cool! I always try and pick up nice pieces of ordnance when I can. My son likes it. Good find.

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I would be very warry with the HE one, it looks to be live, and if it is would be illegal. There have been a bunch of live HE 20mm found in recent years, the BATF have been hunting down where they have been coming from. An auction house a few years ago sold a bunch to unknowing buyers and got in some trouble, as they advertised them as inert when they were obviously not like these rounds. Good luck. 

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US Army 86

Nice find they look to be in pretty good condition. I’ve bought some unique pieces when I’m out and about I check those little “antique” shop or those shops that have a little of this and a little of that. 

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