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P66 DME USA question


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         Any one familiar with this Hallmark? 

I think it could be Denmark, but the only reference I can find for DME online, is for a prosecution case against DME, but no mention of the Hallmark.








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Thank you,

                   I take it that they don't produce military badges anymore?

Do you know what period they operated through? and what does the 'DME' stand for?


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DME stands for Denmark's Military Equipment. I believe that DME made most if not all of the  P-66 hallmarked insignia.   Jim Phillips passed away a while back. He was a really nice guy and published numerous books on Airborne Units and Special Forces. He used Phillips Publications on many of his wings and badges.  He also worked with J. Balme of Paris France to produce the Balme Insignia introduced to the US Market back in the 1980's. Go to the reference section to read about Balme Insignia.

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