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Trying to identify appropriate 1SG device for a mid-1960s liner


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Just picked up this 1965 dated liner, which is marked as belonging to a 1SG, has crossed cannons on one side, drill sergeant badge on the other, and an NCO bar in back. On the front, it was drilled for and has the outline of a 1SG rank device, which was 1.25” tall with the centers of the posts spaced 1.125” apart. I did a quick search and see there are plenty of options out there that are the right size, so the issue comes down to appearance. I found this servicemember’s obituary and it says they were born in 1929 and retired a 1SG after 20 years of service, so assuming an enlistment at 18, the liner checks out to actually having been worn and marked around when it was stamped. Hopefully that narrows down how the device should look.



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It would seem that it was one of the smaller cluth back metal rank badges that was there, you said said you found something compatable in a 1st Sgt rank badge? Can we see what you found, cause these kind of things are kinda rare.


As a preliminarily, this liner was probably worn after 1968 since it has the Crossed Canons on it.


The whole story is rather compicated, Anti Aircraft Artillery and Field Artillery was combind in 1957 to form a super branch, Artillery. Soldiers were selected or volunteered to train on and man Air Defense weapons, and Soldiers selected or volunteered to man and train on traditional Field Artillery.


There was in them days to include the period of the Vietnam War no Air Defense Artilley Branch, Officers and Enlisted men all wore the same Branch insignia, it is often mistaken to state, when one sees these below insignias on a late 50s-late 60s Officer and or Enlistedman as "Air Defense Artillery or ADA Soldier, indeed, Officers and Men who operated Air Defense Weaponry in Artillery Battalion designated as such wore these badges, but these same badges were also worn by Officers and Men who operated Tube Artillery.

In 1968, the two types of Artillery were split in to two distinct branches, Air Defense Artillery, and Field Artillery, the Branch Insigina of the Crossed Cannons with Missle superimposed on it was retained by the Air Defense Artillery, the Field Artillery resumed it's wear of the traditional Crossed Cannons.


Not knowing when this 1st Sgt left the army, we can guess he liner maybe one worn in like 1969 as it doesn't have the New Field Artillery Patch Decal which was adopted 17 Jul 1970.



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