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My newest embroidered patches - Vn PBR badge and RPF TF-116


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Thought I'd share my newly completed patches! Two of these were commission, the second PBR badge patch was for fun (so if anyone is wanting one - let me know!)! No really nice photos yet, but wanted to share!


This is a River Patrol Force TF-116 Theatre-Made style. Almost 2 1/2". 





Here are the two PBR badge patches . . . 


One was done in nylon thread and one in cotton. The look of the original was very different (even the embroidery style was totally different - more like the traditional Japanese art) and I played around with the nylon to make it resemble the original. I think the cotton is my favorite - more detail and I liked doing it. But the nylon I think looks and gives the feel of the original moreso.


(The lighting is awful, but it gives you the idea! -grin-)





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