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  1. Thanks so much for finding that picture! Super cool! Boy . . . and my Dad complains when he runs out of shaving soap . . .
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts! Very interesting about the destruction of the guns! I never knew that really. I mean, I know they get rid of old weapons, but never thought about it. I know Russia just has theirs filling warehouses! Suppose I never thought about what the US did. So, when I ran across that thread, I wondered what would make people interested in it. So, thanks for all the input! mikie --- That is cool about your long-term restoration!
  3. Oh, that is a good thought! I could see how that would totally work! And be practical for a display like this, rather than sinking a lot of money in to something that you don't even see all of it. So, that is really a good idea!
  4. Thanks for all the great info! I wasn't on yesterday, as Sis and I had a birthday and I took off from the comp all day! Very interesting about them trading for a "better" knife! I saw they had aluminum handles, and that would make you think about it being rather fragile. So, would these have been worn on the belt? Also interesting that they are mostly seen in use just in the one spot! Was it a more common thing for issue equipment to be poor like this, or is this kind of the odd man out? Did soldiers have to often replace their stuff because of issues like this?
  5. No . . . I think I mean something different. I understand upgrading items or moving on . . .but my question is more about why in the first place is this a desirable item. And not asking what each individual person's personal thoughts were . . . someone must understand why this gun was wanted. I mean, just because you think $50 is cheap . . . would you buy a USMC Kabar that had been melted down in to a lumpy mess? And if you would . . . again, wondering why? So, on this gun (and there isn't a right or wrong to this . . . I am simply wondering what made this gun desirable that in a run-down state, it is still wanted by multiple people? Personally, $50 isn't cheap to me. I only get that about twice a year to spend. Compared to a $1,000 gun, sure . . .but why would I want to spend money for a smashed, unmoving gun missing parts? That's what I'm asking . . .
  6. Ran across an old sale thread, for a smashed demilled revolver. Not only did it sell, but multiple people wanted it! My very basic question . . . why was it wanted? It is totally ruined, to the untrained eye. However, it must have something. So, thought I would ask as some of you might be able to shed some light on my question! Thanks! Elizabeth
  7. While cleaning through the knife sale threads . . . I ran across a picture of a Marine Raider Stiletto. Never seen one of these! Would these have been carried by the raiders who wore the 1MAC raider patches (blue with a red shield with a skull in the center)? I searched on this forum for a while and couldn't find a thread where someone had posted where these knives were worn. So, anyone know where they were worn and maybe someone has a photo showing a Marine Raider with his stiletto? I'm interested now! Thanks! Elizabeth
  8. Oh, that's interesting about the AAF Survival machete. I thought it looked huge in pictures! The 09 one looks like a ceremonial blade . . . just without the fancy decorating! I still think the 17 is a beautiful piece! Something about it. Appreciate the ruler in the top picture! Really puts it into proportion! I had never thought about machine gun crews having to clear fighting spots, but it totally makes sense now that I think about it. I've never really thought through how the machine guns were set up on a field!
  9. Very interesting to see the pictures of the sheaths! I haven't seen a metal one, as far as I can remember. One other question . . . how much would be a range for a 1917 one? This might be one thing I might have to work at saving up for!
  10. Thanks for all the detail! In your above picture . . . is the 17 on top, with the 09 in the middle and the 04 on the bottom? The bottom one looks like a non-foldable version of of the AAF knife. That 17 is a beautiful thing! I wondered about it being half-machete! I think that is super cool about the PI connection! The American time with the PI is so interesting! That middle one looks like a machete! On the 17 . . . is the handle leather, wood or something else?
  11. Oh, as always ----- amazing work! Johnny - you never cease to amaze! Really, I have to get going on the leather patch I want to make! You inspire me . . .
  12. Actually . . .this is a bombardier wing! Would you like me to change the title? Or is it engraved to a pilot?
  13. Hi, Guys! I am hoping that someone here can answer some question about the Bolo knives. I've seen pictures on here from time to time, and absolutely think it is an amazing looking blade! These are probably basic questions, but I'm interested! Were they only issued/used during the Great War? What size are they? Can't really tell by pictures, how long/what size they are. Why are they called "Bolo"? Are they a combined knife and machete, basically? Who would they have had issued them to?
  14. I made a Find A Grave memorial for Bob: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/211496624?createdMemorial=Yes Stop in and leave a flower or upload a better picture!
  15. Well, I would say you definitely got a fun piece at a very fun price! Love the badge and hat patch detail! I think it is probably going to be super nice in your collection!
  16. Well, as someone who has done hand wood carvings themselves . . . value is hard to assign. really, with hand-done woodcarvings, it is worth what someone is willing to give you. The lifelike ones are usually the ones that get some money, but I mean life-like! This little guy would be what is termed a "weekend project" for a good carver. I'd say $15-35. However, the topic is of interest to a group (Airborne collectors), so that would add to the price within the collecting community perhaps. Really hard to say with things like this. Wood carvings were always hard to price. Since you aren't having to get a living wage out of it (since you didn't invest the time in it), it should be easier. However, tough to pin point. An Airborne collector might really be interested in this to go with their real items!
  17. If anyone can give me an address for his family (or will let me mail them a card to pass on to the family, I'd love to send a card!
  18. Wow! So sorry to hear this news! I have emailed Bob over the years on here, and he was always one of my favorite people to see on here! Actually, only about three weeks ago we were emailing and he sent me the nicest surprise present of an AMC patch he stumbled on in a box! So very sorry to hear of his passing. He was a super gentleman! Praying God is right there with his family through the loss.
  19. These are amazing! But you have to tell me . . . how did you use a printer case? Are you melting the plastic and molding it? Or solid plastic and carving it?
  20. Watching a Behind-The-Scenes and this is a movie prop knife that was made by modifying a WWII weapon. Anyone have a guess as to what the base for this knife was/is?
  21. Thank you for sharing! this is a fabulous thread for today!
  22. Of course, "The Longest Day" is one of the most amazing D-Day films, but the film that has really almost taken first place in my mind for D-Day is the not-so-well-known A&E film, "Ike: Countdown to D-Day". This stars Tom Selleck, and while only 90 minutes long and no epic . . . it is one of those moving, amazing films. For any interested in WWII, Eisenhower or D-Day - this is a definite must-see! No battle, this film details what it took to make D-Day happen. I can't even begin to give some amazing quotes! Too many! The first scene is totally amazing alone. After Eisenhower sees General Miller. The final minutes. Really a fabulous film, with a fabulous performance by Mr. Selleck! If you haven't seen it, today is a GREAT day to give it a try! And it isn't an expensive film, either! I really recommend giving it a try! And if you've seen it . . . watch it again! "Too many of them are now with God. We may never see their like again. We may never see their like again."
  23. When we were little, there were lots of Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, and War of 1812 reenactors and groups. Tons of people did it, and in the homeschooling groups, it was really big! You don't seem to see that much anymore. Are there not many Pre-Civil War reenacting groups or interest anymore?
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