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WW1 M-1910 Pistol Belt & First Aid Packet


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I recently obtained an M-1910 pistol belt and M-1910 first aid pouch w/ the packet, both World War One dated. From what I can tell, the stamp on the pistol belt reads “L.C.C. & CO AUG 1913 or 1918. I can’t tell the exact date. If the belt is dated Aug. of 1918 it would be very late war, considering how fighting ended on Nov. 11, 1918; which could explain its excellent condition and minimal wear. If it is still dated Aug. 1918, could it also be possible that this belt saw service with Marines in World War Two? It has the mans name stenciled on the left end of the belt. Let me know your opinions!


Furthermore, I purchased the M-1910 first aid pouch w/ the packet as a set. The pouch reads “JPS 1917”. However, the tin isn’t dated... Is there a way to identify which time period the tin is from? Any help would be greatly appreciated!














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