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Five Bar Navy Campaign Medal

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Here is a five bar Civil War Campaign to Joseph Hadfield who enlisted in the US Navy in 1858 in as a seaman and was promoted to Yoeman and Acting Ensign. He served aboard the USS Varuna, a 1300-ton screw steam gunboat. She was present when Federal warships confronted Confederate-held Forts Jackson and St. Philip on the lower Mississippi River. On 24 April 1862, as the Union fleet boldly steamed past those fortifications to attack New Orleans, Varuna was closely engaged and rammed by the Confederate ships Governor Moore and the CSS Stonewall Jackson The fatally-damaged Varuna 's gun crews continued firing on the enemy until their ship sank. Hadfield continued to serve on the Mississippi and was involved in the actions at New Orleans, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Fort Sumter and Fort Fisher. Joseph Hadfield was discharged from the US Navy in 1865 was a Commodore in the: Farragut Veteran" Association, Philadelphia. Naval Post No. 400, Dept. Penn. G. A. R., of Philadelphia. And the Farragut Veteran Association, of the Port of N. Y. Naval Post No. 516, Dept. N. Y., G. A. R. The print is of the USS Varuna.






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Really neat! Is the CW campaign medal numbered to him? I'm assuming he just took off the ribbon and replaced it with the cool looking ladder badges?

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By lucky chance I stumbled across a photo of the recipient of these medals while searching for someone else on Google Books. I "photo shopped" this image to put the name right below the photo. The unaltered page is shown after the title page from the book.


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