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MBU-12 Comm Cord question.

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I just picked up a strange comm cord that has a large Y (splitter) on the mask end and the

helmet cord and mask cord are on opposite sides from all the other standard cord "Y's" out there.

When installed on the mask, the helmet cord is right side of mask which makes for a different routing

under or over the mask to the helmet.


what was this cord made for?


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It appears to be a standard CX-47 comm cord. They probably didn't take any pains when they took it off the mask and like an old coiled phone cord it just ended up that way. I suspect you can work the coils back to the long cord on the left.


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LOL was gonna say flip it over...the cords come from the factory coiled around a plastic spool/tube..and secured with a wire tie....and if coiled the wrong way or coiled on the mask it will take that form...

Sadly Dover AFB does not use the coiled cords that come with the new masks, they use the boom mic cord...so the coiled cords get tossed in ...still coiled oh the humanity

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