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11th Combat Cargo Squadron | 3rd Combat Cargo Group | 10th AAF | CBI

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11th Combat Cargo Squadron | 3rd Combat Cargo Group | 10th AAF | CBI


Lineage: Constituted 11th Combat Cargo Squadron on 1 Jun 1944. Activated on 5 Jun 1944. Redesignated 332nd Troop Carrier Squadron on 29 Sep 1945.


Assignments: 3d Combat Cargo Group, 5 Jun 1944 (attached to 443d Troop Carrier Group, 16 Jun-12 Aug 1944); Fourteenth Air Force, c. 1 May 1945; 513th Troop Carrier Group, c. 1 Nov 1945; Army Air Forces, China (under operational control of Peiping Headquarters Command), 15 Apr 1946.


Stations: Sylhet, India, 5 Jun 1944; Dinjan, India, 6 Jun 1944 (detachment operated from Sookerating, India 16 Jun-14 Jul 1944); Yunnanyi, China, 14 May 1945; Luliang, China, 20 Jun 1945; Shanghai, China, 12 Oct 1945; Peiping, China, 20 Apr 1946-10 Apr 1947.


Aircraft: C-47, 1944-1947; C-46, 1945-1947.


Operations: Transported personnel, equipment, and supplies to, and evacuated casualties from, forward areas in the China-Burma-India Theater, 11 Jun 1944-c. Sep 1945. Transported Chinese troops to eastern China for disarmament operations, 15 Oct-5 Dec 1945. Provided air transportation for General George C. Marshall's Executive Headquarters (State Department agency), which was attempting to resolve disputes between the Nationalist and Communist forces in China, c. 10 Jan 1946-10 Apr 1947.


Campaign Streamers: World War II: India-Burma; Central Burma; China Defensive; China Offensive.



Type I | Theater-made. Multi-piece leather. Hand-painted detail.




Type II | Theater-made. Multi-piece leather. Hand-painted detail.





Type III | Theater-made. Multi-piece leather. Hand-painted detail.






Maurer. Combat Squadrons of the Air Force World War II.


11ccs 3 ccg 10aaf

11th ccs 3rd ccg 10th aaf








Long-time collector of WWII Aviation: AAF, USN and USMC.




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